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When were all the old characters deleted?

xbermudaxxxbermudaxx Posts: 1 Arc User
edited July 2020 in Guild Discussion
Old returning-ish player here. I decided to come back to see whatever happened to the old mmo I use to play. I know I've been gone for possibly around 5 years, so it's understandable on some level that my old characters and everything would be gone, and it seems pretty dead in the community overall. However, I had spent some decent amount of money back then, so I'd at least like to know when everything got wiped out.

-Realized I put this in the wrong forum section, big oops, but here it shall stay.


  • stackettesstackettes Posts: 24 Arc User
    you can TRY to get old charactors and items back thru live chat some times they help sometimes not
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