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Sleepless Carnival Bug Report Megathread - July 2020



  • Hi there. After new patch i have a problem, duiring two weeks, with game. Most of gameplay are closed for me, coz i cant take and finish quests or apply into the dungeon or even pray and use cards. I abandoned all quest in list, verefy client, but no sense.
    I ll found a person who have same trouble, here is a link to forum theme
    Please help us. Thank you.

  • evecu#4012 evecu Posts: 6 Arc User
    For 110 lvl strength pet doesnt work add talents. (tested. 90 str. work fine, 110 not)
    110 lvl strength pet cant be upgraded from blue to purple.
  • drunkbastarddrunkbastard Posts: 90 Arc User
    Crack Shot Time is being enabled, when its not enabled while botting.
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
    pet morph is still bugged and get incorrect operations message
  • chronosc#8710 chronosc Posts: 8 Arc User
    edited October 2020
    In the "Arena Points" description, it says that after reaching 1800 score, we was gonna get more Arena Points per win, but it's not happening. We, don't wanna take like 1 yr to farm our sets, please, give it some attention. TY

    Edit: have been fixed. TY. (:
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  • vampire#2790 vampire Posts: 374 Arc User
    But keep the ability to get points while below 1800 score part, Vamp like that part

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  • evecu#4012 evecu Posts: 6 Arc User
    110 pet still buged. Cant up talent, cant up for purple....nothing.
  • nimagelasnimagelas Posts: 26 Arc User
    edited September 2020

    Bug: maximum quests reacheds.

    Non-exhaustive list:

    - The tag in frost is not always possible, the validation of the tag is not always possible either,
    - In frost, flag capture is not always possible: the capture hand is not available or the flag does not change color,
    - Always in frost, in case of victory, the gifts of the chests, whether daily or on Saturday, are not available,
    - In frost, arena, guild vs guild or siege on Sunday, the message of the maximum quests returns randomly, every 10 to 20 seconds. It also appears with each death of opposing characters,
    - Don't always receive rewards from arena quests due to this bug,
    - Don't receive the green fruits of the law (Awareness Medium) as a reward for quests in the cube,
    - The character is ejected from group instances (RCI-GM) and all group instances,
    -Don't always get the rewards for daily quests,
    - when the message appears, I can no longer throw a book of faith or any other object related to a quest,
    - Prayer for the astroplan is not possible when the bug is active,
    - All reward quests cannot be taken on the character, nor validated,
    - impossible to take the mysterious boxes and keys between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m.,
    - cannot take the daily login reward in the system menu,
    - impossible to allow a pets to do a quest in the pets menu,
    - some quests, like those in the highlands, do not validate,
    - Entering the road to hell is not always possible: either the character is ejected, or it is not possible to enter the first room,
    - the mounted combat quest is not always valid,
    - Arena points are not add after fight,
    - ...

    Complementary, the farm of mobs between 2000 and 5000 allows to remove the bug temporarily for a short duration. Unfortunately, it comes back very quickly.

    Simple solution found for developers:
    - Remove the maximum quests limit: indeed, without a maximum, the bug should no longer exist ...
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  • rosalie#8969 rosalie Posts: 1 Arc User
    i cant pass guild lead anymore for lvl 4 guild after its lost base
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