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thanks for keepin the game alive

fasdffasdffasdffasdf Posts: 5 Arc User
coming back after 9 yrs and made new toons. Im surprised some ppl i know still plays. luckily i had 20D saved in my old toon. You get lots of free stuff but the problem is that you’ll need lots of cs for gem fusions, ID, and gear points etc. Also, Its almost impossible to farm gold. Im all good with CSing but the amount of money you need to spend to be even relevant in pve cost more than a 3 year sub in other mmos. A one time cs newbie gift pack that gives items daily so that you can go through pve smoothly to end game would help imo. This game is here to stay for years im sure. Thanks 🙏🏻 😊 -ex guild leader in storm

ps- the game wont run on nvidia GPU on laptops. No matter how you force it. The agenda for the next maintenance perhaps?


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