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Same Stats lose After Patch

@anole300#5837 Keep losing 3 CC, Attack, Def etc After a death, need change realm or relog to get back. This cant be done inside arena or instances so this needs a fix, already waited months, patch instaled, and no changes


  • anyadpicsajaanyadpicsaja Posts: 226 Arc User
    Good luck with that lol, Aegis warriors keep losing like 200 PVE Tenacity when switching stances or die. It magically reappear after realm switching or relog.

    Mind you this happens for years now.
    Might as well get used to it cuz its basicly a feature now.
  • copolong#9918 copolong Posts: 416 Arc User
    Ty for the reply, @anyadpicsaja so I can go back to Sailor Mu, who say that this issue ONLY happens to me, (I told her that another Dragoon reported this on my server) its false.
  • blackoveteblackovete Posts: 18 Arc User
    i play dragoon too but i never experienced that hope they do something about it tho
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