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Patch Notes V.956.3 - Voyage November 2019 Update

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 898 Perfect World Employee

Forsaken World: Voyage
November 2019 Update
Patch Notes

Relic Fragment Feature
The Relic Fragment feature is added to the game. Players can equip Relic Fragments to gain a major attribute boost. This feature can be access via the C menu. LV100 is required to enable the Relic Fragment feature.
  • Relic Fragment can be improved via Star Upgrade to provide greater attribute boost.
  • Every Relic Fragment has a base attribute. If the potential activation attribute unlocked via Star Upgrade is the same to its base attribute, it will gain Potential Activation Points. If the Potential Activation Points for all parts meet a certain threshold, all base attributes will be further boosted.
  • New loot added to daily quests rewards and monsters: Relic Fragment Crates can be looted by completing daily quests and killing daily quest monsters.
  • The services regarding Relic Fragment can be accessed at Klass Rour in Hall of Glory.
LV110 Glow Weapons
Newly added LV110 Glow weapons, which can be acquired by trading with Arwen Starlight, or by upgrading LV105 Glow weapons.

Journey of Love Event
All couples can use Soul Coins at the Wedding Manager to start the Journey of Love quests. Complete these quests to get a unique mount Heart Bombardment, unique smiley Chubby Bunny, unique titles, and other rewards.

Normal and Champion Modes for Raid Instance: Clash of Gods
  • Entrance: Sign up at Solarien in Evernight of the Twin Cities.
  • # of Players: 12-18 in a Team
  • Rewards: Hero T8 Class Gear, Order T2 Class Gear, Orange Gear Material, Order Soul Entity Fragment
  • Defeat the final boss Lutekins and there is a chance to win Nidhogg combat mounts; a Stone of Nidhogg will be rewarded to all members of the team who killed the boss for the first time (the stone grants a random one of the Nidhogg mounts).
Battle of Violet Academy
The new battlefield, Battle of Violet Academy is added. It is available during 20:00 - 22:00 every Thursday. Players above LV100 can sign up at Event Instance - Battle of Violet Academy in Sapphire Heart in Cross Server. In the battlefield, two teams of 12 players each will be playing as attackers and defenders in turn. The attackers need to escort the target to the destination within the given time, while the defenders must thwart the journey.
  • The vehicle will be stationary when the event starts; when attackers are present near the vehicle and defenders are not, the vehicle will move: when there is 1 attacker, the speed is 0.3 m/s; when there are 2 attackers, the speed is 0.6 m/s; when there are 3 or 4 attackers, the speed is 0.9 m/s; when there are 5 or 6 attackers, the speed is 1.2 m/s; if no player is present near the vehicle, it will move at 0.1 m/s; if there is at least 1 defender nearby, the vehicle will stop.
  • Two types of crates will randomly spawn in the battlefield: Part Box and Magic Box. Part Box contains some tokens, which can be used at the Store Owners to trade for powerful items; Magic Box contains scrolls of random effects.
  • As attackers, if one group reached the destination, and the other didn't, the one that reached the destination wins; if both groups reached the destination, the one that reached the destination first wins; if neither reached the destination, the one that went further wins; otherwise, it is a tie.
  • The opponent's home is protected by robots; if you approach, you will be killed.
LV110 Master Instance: Endless Gauntlet
The LV110 Master Instance: Endless Gauntlet is added to the game. The players need to kill a random combination of three boss monsters to complete the trial.
  • Entrance: Enter T menu, and sign up at Master Random Challenge Instance. LV100 is required.
    Race Mode
  • The team leader can select difficulty at the Mysterious Man before entering;
  • Activate Race Mode by engaging any two boss monsters in combat within 10 seconds after the battle starts at Difficulty 1 or 2.
  • Activate Race Mode by engaging all three boss monsters in combat within 10 seconds after the battle starts at difficulty 3;
  • In Race Mode at any difficulty, all three boss monsters must be killed to complete the Race Mode.
  • Race Mode will become unavailable if any boss is killed before the Race Mode is activated.
  • Race Mode can be activated repeatedly if all three boss monsters are alive.
    Race Mode Reward:
  • New rewards added to Race Mode: Boss Chest. Each Boss drops a Boss Chest, containing 2 bound XP Evolution Items.
  • At Difficulty 1, complete the Race Mode in 10 minutes to win 1 Reward Chest and 1 Boss Chest.
  • At Difficulty 2, complete the Race Mode in 15 minutes to win 3 Reward Chests and 2 Boss Chests; complete in 20 minutes to win 2 Reward Chests and 1 Boss Chests; if more than 20 minutes have elapsed, only 1 Reward Chest will be won.
  • At Difficulty 3, complete the Race Mode in 15 minutes to win 3 Reward Chests and 3 Boss Chests; complete in 20 minutes to win 2 Reward Chests and 2 Boss Chests; if more than 20 minutes have elapsed, only 1 Reward Chest will be won.

  • Conqueror's Tag Season 2 Loot: Every day from 10:00 to 24:00, in non-Race Mode, 1/2/3 Conqueror's Tag Season 2 and Siege Order will be won at Difficulty 1/2/3; in Race Mode, 2/3/5 Conqueror's Tag Season 2 and Siege Order will be won at Difficulty 1/2/3. The rewards will be directly sent to your bag bound.
XP Evolution
If your XP Trinket has been evolved to the max grade, there will be 8 new Evolution paths. The attributes include all sorts of Elemental Attacks, Healing Effects, and so on. The Evolution Item can be looted from Random Challenge Instances (Master). When Evolve for the first time, please note if you get the desired attributes.

Arena Wins Reward Quest
An Arena Wins Reward quest is added to Powell in Hall of Glory. The Emblem of Victory can be traded for rewards.

Divinity Feature
  • The Divinity feature is added to the game. Complete the Haunted Streets questline to unlock this feature, and grow into a Demigod.
  • You will receive a seed from Ante, and grow it by watering, completing Arena Weekly Quests, killing Raid Instance boss monsters, completing Master Instances, killing world boss monsters, completing Battlefield quests, and so on to get the fruit, and win Divinity EXP.
  • You will receive Divinity Attribute Points by gaining Divinity Levels, which can be allocated to boost your attributes.
  • After Divinity feature is unlocked, you can learn a new toggled skill Demigod Status. Use it to boost your attributes further for a period of time based on your Divinity Point allocation.
  • New means to acquired Divinity EXP Fruit: for every 30 minutes you spend training in the Magic Cube, you will win a Small Ante Fruit. You can get 5 of them at most per day. You can also get at most 20 Small Ante Fruits by completing Random Master Challenge Instances, Battlefields, world boss monsters. The two limits are shared.
Champion's Trial Event
  • Entrance: Sign up at Champion's Trial in Cross Server in T menu during 19:00-19:05, 19:15-19:20, and 19:30-19:35. No Level Limit. Can be signed up individually or in a team of up to 3 players.
  • Event Rules
  • After entering the battlefield, there will be 1 minute of safe period, during which the players can select a teleportation destination. The players can start fighting as soon as they leave the safe zone. The safe zone will be lifted in 1 minute, and players can fight anywhere.
  • Monsters will be randomly spawned in the battlefield. Kill them to get items that will boost attributes or give extra fighting time.
  • A safe zone will be designated regularly. Players will take damage outside the safe zone. There will be no safe zone after a set amount of time.
  • Players can win points from killing, assisting, or surviving.
  • Points won during the battle can be traded for various rewards.
Chamber of Oblivion - Test of Oblivion in Magic Cube
Test of Oblivion added to Chamber of Oblivion in Magic Cube. After completing the pre-requisite quest, players can enter via the Gate of Oblivion in the Central Room in Magic Cube, and start the challenge.

New Cross Server Siege War
  • Every Sunday at 20:00, qualified Guilds can go to the Cross Server to enter the Siege War.
  • A new large map is added to the Siege War. Each Guild can have 24 players in the battle. The required level is reduced to LV100.
  • A new Stronghold Capture gameplay is added: players can capture strongholds, and then build and use various fortifications to aid their battle.
  • Special Events are added: Magic Tool Boxs scattered all across the battlefield can be looted to acquired different tactical items.
  • Contribution Gain Optimized: The Contribution gained by killing monsters and opponent players is reduced, while a new way to gain Contribution by capturing and holding flag is added.
  • Flag Spawning Rule Optimized: The flag will be dropped when the holder leaves the castle, or when a player is holding the flag for 3 minutes, and respawn at a random location in the castle;
  • Added item tradable with Administration Order: Advanced Pet Skill Book
  • Added reward for capturing stronghold: When the Siege War ends, the Guild that is occupying the stronghold will be rewarded an improved version of Warrior's Heart.
[Combat] Nidhogg Trade
Players can go to Solarien at the entrance to the Raid Instance Clash of Gods in the Twin Cities, and trade an entire collection of Nidhogg mounts (Thunder Nidhogg, Emerald Nidhogg, Frost Nidhogg, Echo Nidhogg, Astral Nidhogg, Wildfire Nidhogg, Shadow Nidhogg) for a [Combat] Nidhogg.

Relic System Adjustments
  • Optimized the loot and certain attribute plans for Relic Fragments
  • Optimized the tooltip of Relic Fragments: hover your mouse cursor over a Relic Fragment to view your equipped ones.
  • Relic Fragment Daily Quest: Fragment Evolution is changed to team shared.
  • Fixed the issue that Elite Relic Fragment can be refined to get Awakening Attribute.
  • Added Relic Fragment service NPC in Twilight Hall, who can open locked Relic Fragment Crates and trade 2-Star Relic Fragment.
Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island Adjustments
  • Adjusted the boss attributes for LV110 Master Instance Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island at difficulty 1, 2, and 3.
  • Canceled the Conqueror's Tag Season 1 loot from LV110 Master Instance Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island; Canceled the Siege Order loot from LV105 Master Instance; Conqueror's Tag Season 1 can still be looted from LV105 Master Instance with the same rules.
  • Added Conqueror's Tag Season 2 loot from LV110 Master Instance Order of the Haunted and Nightmare Island; adjusted the quantity of Siege Order loot.
  • Conqueror's Tag Season 2 Loot from Order of the Haunted: Every day from 10:00 to 24:00, in non-Race Mode, 1/2/3 Conqueror's Tag Season 2 and Siege Order will be won at Difficulty 1/2/3; in Race Mode, 2/3/5 Conqueror's Tag Season 2 and Siege Order will be won at Difficulty 1/2/3. The rewards will be directly sent to your bag bound.
  • Conqueror's Tag Season 2 Loot from Nightmare Island: Every day from 10:24 to 24:00, in Race Mode and non-Race Mode, 1/2/3 Conqueror's Tag Season 2 and Siege Order will be won at Difficulty 1/2/3. The rewards will be directly sent to your bag bound.
  • Conqueror's Tag Season 2 can be traded at Cinkos in Hall of Glory. More tradable rewards will be added in the future.
  • Conqueror's Tag Season 2 can be traded into Conqueror's Tag Season 1 at the ratio of 1:50. The Conqueror's Tag Season 1 gained via this way will be bound.
Nyos' Magic Cube Optimization:
  • Enlarged the weekly base prize pool.
  • A Zeal gain display for Magic Cube gameplay is added to the Zeal gain list.
  • Optimized the visual effect for Magic Cube scenes.
  • Menus are added to various rooms to prompt how to gain points, and to mark the current challenged room and player's current location.
  • Lowered the requirements for entering certain rooms.
Frostgale Fjord, Heart of Ice and Fire, and Sanctuary Ruins Adjustments
  • Hide Identity feature: enabled by default; can be toggled via the avatar settings menu.
  • System Broadcast added to Frostgale Fjord to notify kills and so on.
Astroplane Adjustments
  • Added the function to clear cooldown.
Metal Bracelet Evolution Item Fix
  • Fixed the required items for Metal Bracelet Evolution Item for Dragoon and Warrior.
Glow Weapon Fix
  • Fixed the reforged Attack for Glow Weapons.
Raid Instance Weekly Reward Adjustments
  • Raid Instance: Source of Sin Finale Weekly Reward Adjustments
  • Normal Mode: LV2 Relic Spirit Mark x10, Dark Amethyst Scroll x10, Order Soul Entity x20, Champion Point x1000;
  • Champion Mode: LV2 Relic Spirit Mark x10, Dark Amethyst Scroll x10, Order Soul Entity x40, Champion Point x1800;
  • Raid Instance: Clash of Gods Weekly Reward Adjustments
  • Normal Mode: LV2 Relic Spirit Mark x10, Dark Amethyst Scroll x10, Order Soul Entity x40, Legendary Point x1000, Siege Order x20;
  • Champion Mode: LV2 Relic Spirit Mark (Bound) x5, LV2 Relic Spirit Mark (Tradable) x5, Dark Amethyst Scroll x20, Order Soul Entity x80, Guild Benefit Coupon x1, Legendary Point x40, Siege Order x20;
Cross Server Siege War Optimization
  • The flag holder will get a Banner Radiance effect, disabling stealth for 5 minutes.
  • Siege Order is removed from the completion reward of Order Highland quests Darley's Plan and The Way to Wealth.
  • Changed the rule for getting the Keep Coming Back buff: Guilds who ranked Top 3 in the Contribution Ranking will not get the new Keep Coming Back buff the next week when they enter the battlefield again, and the old buff will expire.
  • The number of players each Guild can send is changed to 24.
  • Stronghold: Extended the invincibility duration when the Central Crystal is built; adjusted the Attack for Stronghold buildings and vehicles; Undead Storm Calvary will be randomly spawned in the Stronghold, which will drop a lot of Contribution and a small amount of Administration Order when killed; when a player is fighting in a stronghold owned by his Guild, he will get +200 All Resistances.
  • Contribution: Adjusted the Contribution gained by destroying defensive turrets.
  • Items: Instant Kill Potion can no longer be found in the Magic Tool Box.
  • Monsters: reduced the attack range of the Flame Tentacles; adjusted the spawn rules of defensive monsters.
  • Combat: After reviving in the battlefield, players are no longer revived with minimum HP. Instead, they will have full HP and MP, and their Wrath cooldown will be cleared.
Fixed Random Challenge Instance (Master)
  • Fixed the issue that there is no Dragoon gear on the bronze wheel in LV105 Master Instances.
Raid Instance: Clash of Gods Optimization
--Skill Adjustments--
  • During the final phase when fighting Lutekins in Champion Mode, when players become God's Light, they will gain a HP recovery status
  • Increased the damage done by the vehicle skill Light Speed Ram available when players become God's Light.
--Rules Optimization--
  • Players who are unable to become God's Light will get a Blinded status when teammates have transformed.
  • When Lutekins leaves combat or dies, the vehicle status will be removed from all players in the battlefield.
  • Fixed the issue that players in vehicles can not be revived after being killed (revive only available after boss leaves combat or dies).
New Items added to Arena Daily Exchange
  • Spellbound Sandgrit, Arcane Crystal Shard, and Potent Fragment Binder added to Arena Daily Exchange.
New Items added to Battlefield Point Exchange
  • Source Essence Shard added to Battlefield Point Exchange.
• World Boss Adjustments
  • The level of existing world boss monsters Abyss Nightmare, Khonem Attendant, Demon Marshal, Dryad Lord, and Corrupted Cerberus is changed to LV110, and their strength is also adequately adjusted.
  • LV105 Advanced Piece Gear Evolution loot added to the world boss monsters mentioned above.
Fixed Hero Crafted Gear
  • Fixed the issued that Hero Crafted Gear are bound when crafted.
Fixed Random Challenge Instance (Master) Chest
  • Fixed the issue that there is no Dragoon gear in the Random Challenge Instance (Master) Chests.
Council Reputation Ranking Adjustment
  • First Citizen (1st place) reward: Solid Soul Essence x400, Astroplane Spar x50
  • Second Citizen (2nd place) reward: Solid Soul Essence x200, Astroplane Spar x50
  • Third Citizen (3rd place) reward: Solid Soul Essence x100, Astroplane Spar x50
  • Honored Citizen (4th-10th place) reward: Astroplane Spar x50
--Relevant Quest Time Adjustments--
  • Ballot Ticket exchange time, complete quest to get ticket time, and vote open time are changed to 00:00 21st to 23:30 27th every month (ending time is 30 minutes earlier than before).
Gear Switch Function Update
  • Gear Switch function is updated. removed the function to switch between Main Gear and Gear II, and replaced it with the new Gear Switch function.
  • Players can set up the gear in their Loadout (including armor, weapon, accessory, Elemental Relic, Anima, Mount Gear, Mounted Combat License, Fashion, Relic, Wing Charge Level, etc.). Up to 9 Loadout configurations can be set. Each piece of gear can be used in multiple Loadouts. There is a 10 second cooldown for Switching Loadout. Loadouts can be assigned to hotkeys.
Dragoon Optimization
  • In the Warrior's Heart questline, players may randomly get the quest to look for a Dragoon companion.
  • Buffs are added to Dragoon players in the Evernight Island and Gods' Trial 2 events.
Added 1-Click Switch Button
  • Can be viewed in Basic Skill page. Two Gear Loadouts can be switched (currently equipped and previously equipped). Shares cooldown with switching gear using hotkeys. The cooldown is changed to 8 seconds.
  • Please Note: If you want to switch between Loadout 1 and Loadout 2, you need to use the hotkey to switch to 1, and then switch to 2, and then you can quick switch between the two loadouts.
  • If you want to switch between Loadout 2 and Loadout 3, you need to use the hotkey to switch to 2, and then switch to 3, and then you can quick switch between the two loadouts.
  • You have to first manually select two Loadouts before you can quick switch between them.
Skill Adjustments
  • Angel Asylum cooldown is reduced by 0.5 second (originally 2 seconds)
  • Primal Soul cooldown is reduced by 0.5 second (originally 2 seconds)
  • Added an effect to the Talent Skill Divine Shield: when casting Divine Shield on other players, also grants yourself a shield that absorbs 80% damage, up to a total amount of damage equal to 12% of your MP x Skill Level.
  • Dyos' Wisdom at 80 Energy: Angel Asylum's single damage taken limit reduction is changed from 4% to 2%
  • Dragonfang Lunge now has a 50% chance to dispel the target's mount status, and has a 2-second Disarm effect (the Stun effect is kept). Lunge distance is increased by 3 meters.
  • During Dragon Ascension, Dragonfang Lunge cooldown is halved.
  • Flame Dance base cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds. Flowing Fire base cooldown is reduced by 1 second.
  • During Dragon Ascension, Fire attack's Drain Own HP effect only takes effect at the first hit; the additional Attack bonus takes effect for every hit; during the status, immune to Reflection; The max additional Attack is changed from 15000 to 30000.
  • Burning Breath's effect to lower nearby enemy targets' Resistance by 5x4x5 is changed to 40x4 Level (no longer stacks).
  • Tranquil Entity base effect range is reduced from 10 meters to 8 meters; Snow Barrier base effect range is reduced from 12 meters to 10 meters; Broken Star base casting range is increased from 8 meters to 12 meters.
  • Talent Stretched Freeze's effect to increase Water Skill casting range by 2x Talent Level is changed to 1x Talent Level.
  • Broken Star base cooldown is reduced by 1 second; Moon Shower base cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds; Snow Barrier base cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds.
  • Imperishable's per second HP recovery is adjusted to 15% of Max HP; also grants yourself a damage reduction effect, reducing damage taken by a portion equal to the portion of lost HP when you cast the skill.
  • Dragon March's effect to increase your base Attack by 6%x3 for 12 seconds is changed to by 5% of your Max Attack x3 for 18 seconds.
  • Talent Flowing Fire World Burn's effect to increases World Burn effect range by 3xLevel is changed to 1+Level.
  • Talent Ashen's effect to increase Crit Chance upon casting Blazing Spear World Burn is adjusted to 0.5% of your Crit Damage x Talent Level; its effect to increase Crit Damage is adjusted to 5% of your Crit Chance x Talent Level.
  • Flame Dance effect range is changed from 12 meter radius 180 degree fan shape to 8 meter radius 120 degree fan shape.
  • An effect added to Dragon March that increases your All Mastery by 20 x Skill Level upon casting.
  • Talent Skill Snow Barrier's Accuracy reduction effect is changed from 20 per layer to 15; the max stack is changed to 4 layers.
  • Talent Skill Snow Barrier base attack range is changed from 12 meters to 10 meters.
  • Talent Skill Freezing Touch duration is changed from 15 seconds to 25 seconds.
  • TalentFrozen Blood's effect to reduce Healing received by targets frozen by Tranquil Entity by 10% x Talent Level is changed to 5% x Talent Level.
  • An effect added to Lance of Buried Soul to increase Accuracy by 1000.
  • A cap is added to Sacrifice's effect to increase Attack based on HP: the additional Attack is no more than 1.5x your Max Attack.
  • Mental Focus increases your Casting Speed by 10%.
  • Talent Light of Destruction increases Fist of Heaven and Wrath of Light's additional Attack by 10% x2; also adds an effect that increases base damage by 20% x2.
  • During Magic Meditation, increases your Attack by the sum of your Water, Fire, and Wind Mastery.
  • The effect to increase your Fire Mastery by 9x8 when attacked during Fire Shield is changed to by 120 (at max Talent level)
  • When attacked during Ice Shield, reduced attacker's movement speed by 10% x5 layers; also inflict the effect to reduce Water Resistance by 12.
  • Sinister Force's extended talent Dark Contract increases your Crit Damage by 15% x3.
  • Sinister Force's extended talent Sinister Constriction reflects an effect that lowers All Masteries and reduces All Resistances by 15 x 4 layers.
  • Dyos/Nyos Nature's effect at 75 energy to boost Ice Spike base damage's Max Mastery is changed from 2300 to 2500; that of Ice Edge remains to be 2300.
  • Talent Destruction's (Fire) Fire AOE skill Crit's effect to lower target's Crit Evasion is changed to lower Crit Defense by the same value, and can stack for twice.
  • Increases Purgatory of Lightning's base damage by 20%.
  • When Darklord's Offspring is enabled, MP cost per second is changed from 10%/5% to 4%/2%; the Healing boost ratio based on MP is increased from 2%x2 to 3%x2.
  • Eerie Box of Darkness randomly reduces target's All Resistances by 0-120 for 14 seconds.
  • Mysterious Chest of Light's fourth effect "has no effect" is changed to "the other three effects take effect at the same time".
  • Fixed the issue that the Awakening Skill Blood Blade (Dark) has incorrect description.
  • Each point of Blast Orb and Agony Orb increases your Crit Chance by 3%.
  • Fixed the issue that Lycan's Awakening Skill Trace (Light) has incorrect cooldown. Set to 300 seconds.
  • Talent Skill Imp Form and Charmed Strike cooldown is changed from 3 seconds to 1 second.
  • In Vampire Form, increases All Mastery by 60.
  • Talent Skill Crimson Vortex reduces the pulled target's All Resistances by 40x Skill Level for 5 seconds.
  • Talent Wind Dancer's duration is increased by 1 second.
  • Blazing Revenge's effect to reduce direct damage taken by 9% and stacks up to 6 layers is changed to reduce damage taken by 5% and stacks up to 15 layers.
  • Talent Skill Thrust of Slaughter's effect to lower target's and your own received Healing effect by 40% is changed to 60%.
  • Talent Skill Concerto of Life increases Max HP based on Light Master up to 30%.
  • Daily Relic Card is added. It grants a 7-day Daily Relic Card status. With this status, players can collect a Relic Fragment Grand Box every day, and 30 additional daily Relic Fragment quests.

  • Customized Evocation Scroll is added, and Ultimate Evocation Scroll is removed.
  • Compared to Ultimate Evocation Scroll, the new Customized Evocation Scroll additionally provides portable services like Relic Spirit Combine and Relic Fragment.
  • The trade service for Customized Evocation Scroll is added to Ur Gianne, which requires Ultimate Evocation Scroll and two Add Service Scrolls.

  • Ante's Newborn Fruit added, which is used to reset the Divinity system.
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