Problem on Eyrda

Hi, I am normally on Lionhart west but recently created a few toons on eyrda east. It is nearly empty - sadly. There are active players including myself. The problem is that there is at least one person that is trying to kill the server - that is my opinion. An example from the auction house are flying mounts that someone placed for sale for 3 gold have been purchased and now sell for over 1 diamond. This is happening with all essential items. I suppose it could be an enemy of arcgames trying to kill servers - or just a sick ekiddy. Whatever it is. It is becoming unplayable. (Forsaken world)

This is not a complaint it is informative. If it is an ekiddy and they cant be controlled I wont use the server.



  • spiceywings
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    thunder dragons are 1-3g and have been a long time. some dumb nut want to buy them all and have a collection they can knock themselves out there are hundreds floating around in peoples bag they can toss right back up for 3g, no ones paying 1d for one lol. dont know what you are smoking to whine on forums over mount people cant even give away free these days.
  • calvert1e#8998
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