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2019 Summer Games - GM Boxing 8/14 - 8/16

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 688 Perfect World Employee
edited August 13 in General Discussion

Hi Forsaken World!

The Summer Games are underway! Everyone across all of the servers will compete to do as much damage as possible to the GMs! Use everything in your arsenal to do all you can towards earning points for your team! The more damage everyone does to the GMs across all servers will unlock additional rewards!

––––– How this will work –––––

-A GM will be on each server at the scheduled time, on Realm 7, just east of the giant Nightfall Citadel staircase. The event will take place on Realm 5 on Dyos, Shylia, and Tytan.
-Players will have 30 min to deal as much damage as possible to the GM.
-On PvE servers, this will be done by dueling the GM. Make sure to send duel requests to the GM during the event times!
-Everyone will receive rewards after the event ends, based on the total damage done to the GMs.
-Points will also be calculated per server and then distributed as follows:
  • 1st - 7 Points
  • 2nd - 7 Points
  • 3rd - 6 Points
  • 4th - 6 Points
  • 5th - 5 Points
  • 6th - 5 Points
  • 7th - 4 Points
  • 8th - 4 Points

************* Schedule *************

*** 8/14 ***

Illyfue @ 10:00 AM PT
Tytan @ 11:00 AM PT
Storm Legion @ 6:00 PM PT

*** 8/15 ***

Shylia @ 10:00 AM PT
Eyrda @ 5:00 PM PT
Lionheart @ 6:00 PM PT

*** 8/16 ***

Nyos @ 10:00 AM PT
Dyos @ 11:00 AM PT

************* Unlockable Rewards *************

––– 125,000,000 Damage –––
Burnout Pack – Ragefire III, Star Crystal x5, Soul Diamond x10
Gift of Honor [1000] – Astral Reforge Stone x20, Star Diamond, Soul Diamond x3

––– 225,000,000 Damage –––
Gem Grand Pack – Ragefire III x2, Bloodstone III x2, Solarflare III x2, Eagleeye III x2, Goldspark III, Shattershard III, Twilight III, Crystaline III
Keen Star Essence
Sharp Star Essence

––– 335,000,000 Damage –––
Freedom Gift – Life Flood, Soul Diamond x20, Ragefire IV, Astral Reforge Crystal x5
Fastwind Giftpack – Blood Flood, Mana Flood, Book of Experience x10, Ragefire IV

––– 470,000,000 Damage –––
Grand Lv4 Rune Gift Pack x2
Contented Miracle Pouch x2

******** AND Don’t Forget! ********

The Endurance Marathon and Power Ranking events are currently running!

Make sure to reach your highest scores in Hell Road and the most Flowers before September 2!


  • ini#5248 ini Posts: 1 Arc User

    Make sure to reach your highest scores in Hell Road and the most Flowers before September 2!
    where to publish your rating in HR?
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,042 Arc User
    you dont they just take the weekly top scores from the game data...
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