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What really is the problem here??

xena#6497 xena Posts: 9 Arc User
Ok since the dragoon class has been introduced I haven't been able to really participate in ff due to no weapon on my toon. I have contacted support on this issue only for them to tell me that they need to gather more information and to seen there finds to the developer. So far there hasn't been anything from the developers or game officials concerning this problem and while I would like to participate in ff I cant do much without a weapon. I think I need some answers because its making me both mad and frustrated. With all the money that is being made you would think that they would fix this particular problem and not have people wondering just when it will ever happen.


  • xena#6497 xena Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited August 2019

    So you are telling me that you refuse to use the weapons that the game offer by doing raids, or just with LionHeart Badges, etc? Of all problems, this is an invented one. Good troll. Pat-Pat & all.

    well there aren't any other suggestions at this moment they have contacted me back to tell me again that they will send my information to the developer. But overall since I have no weapon to use yes I will not be playing ff for a while.
    I am not refusing anything not sure I understand what is it that you are trying to say. As far as your comments not sure if I should take you seriously depending on who you are where you are and what your mental capacity is at this time sorry for what sounds like an insult to you but I take playing my toon seriously just like you do and I don't take pleasure in trolling as you might think, so if you are not trying to have a conversation or advice concerning my problem don't assume that my post is a trolling one and keep your inconsequential comments to yourself.
  • For me there is a no problems really. I spend a lot of time here online
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