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8th Anniversary GM Pinata **RESULTS**

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 696 Perfect World Employee

There were a ton of you that showed up to take part in the piñata party! There was a lot of damage done and 3 of the 4 tiers of rewards were unlocked!

---- Total Damage Done: 437 Million !! ----

Please enjoy the following code!


This code contains the following items:
  • Burnout Pack - Ragefire III, Star Crystal x5, Soul Diamond x10
  • Gift of Honor [1000] - Contains Astral Reforge Stone x20, Star Diamond, Soul Diamond x3
  • Gem Grand Pack – Ragefire III x2, Bloodstone III x2, Solarflare III x2, Eagleeye III, Goldspark III, Twilight III, Shattershard III
  • Fastwind Giftpack – Blood Flood, Mana Flood, Book of Experience x10, Ragefire IV
  • Grand Lv4 Rune Pack
  • Freedom Gift – Life Flood, Soul Diamond x20, Ragefire IV, Astral Reforge Crystal x5
Reward Distribution:
  • Please make sure to have mailbox space available before redeeming the code.
  • Codes are redeemable once per account.
  • Rewards are normally bound when received, please make sure to redeem on the intended character.
  • This code will expire August 4, 2019.
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