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dying game

so ppl wonder why game is dying well for one alts and ppl that bought accounts is killing the game also bots in rift. ppl playing on accounts they bought accounts they nver built. These accounts need to be banned. What do you think is killing the game


  • What kill game is lack of gold, economy stagnate, all farmer and casual player quit, none to sell stuff cause all left is cs too. Sell accounts happen from start for FW is normal thing.
  • tabetttabett Posts: 2 Arc User

    What kill game is lack of gold, economy stagnate, all farmer and casual player quit, none to sell stuff cause all left is cs too. Sell accounts happen from start for FW is normal thing.

    i agree on that the lack of gold is what killing the game , if you cant get gold you cant make real progress , and if you dont make progress you just quit .
  • tabetttabett Posts: 2 Arc User
    i hope they merge eyrda and storm , cause what left now is only one guild .
  • o0omessyo0oo0omessyo0o Posts: 27 Arc User
    merging the servers might be good idea save the lagging.... but it summer time most people go away some people that have summer home come back like two different waves. There is a problem with gold is there nothing to go get items lack of boredom doing it. Making all the servers on same money system will even out the euro servers .
  • vampire#2790 vampire Posts: 156 Arc User
    tabett said:

    i hope they merge eyrda and storm , cause what left now is only one guild .

    Why should Storm have to suffer for Eyrda's mistakes?
  • cauldron7cauldron7 Posts: 56 Arc User
    Trying to better your gear is almost impossible, even for CSers, unless they drop $20k on orbs. For those that don't or seldomly CS, getting the materials for gear enhancement is never going to happen unless you play it 16 hours a day. The ivory tower of the management of this game has lost ANY concept of the P2P business model. The orbs have absolutely horrible drop rates and the GMs or BoD will not rectify it. I still have many characters that have little potential of even getting 10/12 forts. The mats and odds are fully against the player. Most event are against the moderately equipped player, PVP is ruined by lifer CSers, even though arena is usually broke. People are leaving in droves simply because the owners and beancounters have taken a hostile stance against the normal player, and abandoned them in order to support the OP players. Besides all the broken parts of the game, there are inventory problems, lack of in game gold, too many usable things cannot be purchased with soul coins or soul leaves.
    I've seen guilds botting in rift, and I've also seen enemies in rift rez on the spot with full attributes without a bard or priest nearby and complain when the suicide on a more OP player.
    When the FW executive staff decide to actually support the game and not the whales, they may get some people back. For now it's a wasteland awaiting a total shutdown of the game. Not enough players to support the business model they cooked up.
  • gmanis#5966 gmanis Posts: 2 New User
    The OP is Dawnxx from Storm. he cries every week about the same thing in peoples pms. Calling names and other rude remarks, systemburn is vampire from Storm, you know the one who talks in third person. but putting that aside.
    I would agree with the gold being the problem, and why people leave. people horde what they have hoping for better orbs or gear mats. it's simple economists. they have you spend gold that is paid to the game. in which is lost and not returned back into the economy, and all the gold grabs they have gold disappears fast and bankrupts the servers leaving them either waiting for a gold sale or quitting not counting the lower rate drops for gold from orbs. most are choosing the latter. farming is almost nil in this game to get gold. the system used to give gold through alt means via in game ways, but such has been removed through updates.
    support is a major flaw in this game as they try to push the burden on the victim when something is goes wrong on their end. When something is wrong they try to force something on you, like you asked for it and basically tells you to take a hike. via support blank returns as saying they replied when they didn't, hoping time runs out, they may even choose to wait weeks before a response hoping you give up and let it close, or just plain out closing it.

    Let's see how long it takes before this comment is deleted. I'm guessing a hour.

    I don't see them updating this game again. DOA
  • bloodreaperfwbloodreaperfw Posts: 79 Arc User
    Agree with everything said in here from the lack of ingame gold to the way they killing every possible way of making gold in the game... but they obviously doing it so more will buy them by gambling aka buying orbs.

    Level 100 BloodWind
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  • vampire#2790 vampire Posts: 156 Arc User
    edited August 2019
    And? Never bothered to hide who I was Mr. I made this account to post that message from LH. You can't change your forum name anymore unfortunately.
  • gmanis#5966 gmanis Posts: 2 New User
    And? why are you responding to a question i never asked? I merely stated a fact, while not asking for a return response. People like to know who they are engaging with in a conversation, and i simply provided that information.
    As to the response that i just made this account. 2017 is when it was created, so if i made this to respond to you i waited a long time too. Assuming things just makes you look foolish, but i wont indulge your delusional fantasy any longer. so i wont be responding if you reply. Don't need to get off topic.
    Take care Vampire!
  • vampire#2790 vampire Posts: 156 Arc User
    edited August 2019
    If you really believe that you should tell the admins to allow us to use our characters as forum names again, Vamp would love to spread Vamp's glory to the heavens as well.

    As for your "simply provided that information", your using an alt account to communicate and sole post indicates that you're trying to "indulge your own delusional fantasy" and projecting, most likely enabled by copious amounts of alcohol, again.

    You went way off topic long ago Mr. Had to Move to LH.
  • alivex#3598 alivex Posts: 70 Arc User
    Probably because 90% of the remaining community decided to make every event on x-server more corrupt than their home countries.
  • xena#6497 xena Posts: 9 Arc User
    came back from a long hiatus only to see some things change and others really stays the same. I am curious to why is it that even though most say that this game is dying why keep coming back and play?? Well for starters I can see that you like playing else you or no one would spend hundreds of dollars here. As for the economy well ...and I laugh at this the games economy hasn't changed too much from when I played on eryda so why complain over a system that as last time I checked they have no desire of fixing.
    As for usernames well this way I actually like there is no reason to want to put all that unnecessary clutter on the boards all should matter is your current username here and your comments that's it!!
    Name calling same thing once you know who it is your talking to then all the name calling comes to play that is why what I said before is relevant.
    To be honest and I say this to truth too, if the game really is that bad as well as the economy well why come play??
  • gamesbx11102#8558 gamesbx11102 Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited August 11
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