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worth coming back????

welshdemonwelshdemon Posts: 5 Arc User
I used to play this along time ago but been thinking of coming back I alrdy play neverwinter any advice please


  • redmagemasterredmagemaster Posts: 2 Arc User
    played free for years and had no troubble power leveling to 50 with a full time job
  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 359 Arc User

    played free for years and had no troubble power leveling to 50 with a full time job

    What exactly you mean with power leveling ? New Chars are within ~6 Hours playtime @thislvl + above. First praying = Lvl3.
    Before reaching Nightfall ~Lvl 25.
  • xena#6497 xena Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited August 2019
    I think I understand what the other commenter meant by pay to play or pay to cheat versus the actual love to play thing, those of us like just playing and having fun without the nonsense however if you are impatient then spending money on making your toon tough so you don't get beat up is for you. For years the standard operation of this game was to pay money to gain power for those of us that has played this game for years know how its played, however new people that do come to play suffer the most because of the dynamics this game poses. You survive if the following things comes to pass:
    1. you have money to spend
    2. you have money and get into a good enough guild to help

    Mind you time and a heck of a lot of patience is required.
    Since I have been back have 2 toons that are lv 110 and three others in there 90s it took a bit of luck and persistence but I managed with only spending $40 US dollars!
    I did all the lvling tricks but...there is a point that cash money gets you the better stuff which I cannot afford to do, so I play on.

    Yes, I too complain about the pay to win pay to cheat dynamics but what on earth can I do about it?? I say none.
  • This game changed so much. I loved it back in 2011. I liked how each race had their own starting zone, Freedom Harbor was the best capital city with beautiful music, now the game starts everyone in the same zone and it takes a few hours to reach level 40 where in 2011 it took like a month... I think the game is now ruined.
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