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PK/Red name

madex2madex2 Posts: 8 Arc User
Hey there!
Since support cant realy help i thought im gonna post my problem here. Maybe someone got a solution for it.
Im playing a demon ranger, nature tree, nyos on a pve server.
Whenever i do the mass pvp events on cross server like survivals or siege war i get a PK penalty what reduce the durability of my gear pretty hard.
At first i thought it might be the ranger pet that deals dmg to ppl but after observing the comb system i can exclude that. Also i have the PvP settings on protect everyone so it cant be this either.
Yesterday when i died in siege war i even got the message that the durability got reduced when i died in combat.
I also bought dual talent to check if its a nature tree problem but even as skyshot ranger (dyos) its the same for me. I also saw other rangers with red names running around so i suppose its not only me with that problem...
Anyone got an idea, solution how to fix that? Thx in advanced.
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