Thank you for another smooth content update

chiffoncake Posts: 359 Arc User
Kudos to the FW Team! Although there are few minor issues, most of us are login and play just fine as usual. Good job and thank you! Just a few things:

1. Cannot launch 2nd account from shortcut again, it has to quit and relaunch ARC.
2. Lv95 level up pack is not in Ur npc.
3. I saw Bounty Agent Horatius selling "Three Star Stone" for 1g, it's glitch since I cannot buy it? It will be nice if we can get it even though might cost 30d+ per Astro level.
4. Ur npc is selling a lot of new packs, each cost 20d, 25d, 30d etc. Also upgrade cost 20d each not to mention if go for legendary weapon upgrade. Hopefully we can use SG instead of unbind gold since we got that a lot from orbs now, and hardly farm enough to keep up the game, probably $50->20k leave->20d (if ppl still pay 99.99s bid) monthly or bi-weekly that will get all done next content update LoL ;).