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Patch Notes v.953.9 - Voyage March 2019 Update

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 898 Perfect World Employee

Forsaken World: Voyage
March 2019 Update

Patch Notes

Naval Battle Content
Boarding Battle
•During a naval battle, you can start a Boarding Battle against a crippled ship.
•The two ships' crews will compare their stats, and determined the result of the battle.

•A Fishing activity will be available for all players with Fishing as their Job aboard a ship.
•A Ocean of Hope Current is added. Fishing there may yield all sorts of oceanic fish.
•There is also a chance to find flotsam and mysterious treasures.

Naval Transport Task
•To advance their conquest, the Navy started recruiting civilians to carry out their cargo transport tasks. You can take these quests from Raisinger Aepelio Jr. and transport cargoes to every corner of the world.
•There are also some underground forces that endeavors to thwart the Navy's agenda by sabotaging their transports.
•The Officer and Death Advocate in Herb Garden will reward anyone who complete these sabotage missions.

X-server Siege War
•In the new Cross-server Siege War, each week, 10 Guilds from all servers will be given the access to enter the X-Server at 20:00 every Sunday, and fight each other for the control of the castle.
•Every week from Monday 12:00 to Saturday 20:00, all players can go to the NPC Siege Quartermaster to hand in Siege Orders for their own Guilds. When the time is up, the top 10 Guilds with the most Siege Orders contributed with win the access;
•The battle starts every Sunday at 20:00. The qualified Guilds can muster their members, and enter the battle via Siege Quartermaster.
•All participating Guilds can win a huge reward according to their result and rankings. The winning Guild can even own the Cintura Castle for a week, with a 20% refund for the total expenditures in the castle during that week.
•During the next week, from Saturday 12:00 to Sunday 12:00, all winning Guild members that have contributed Siege Orders can gain a proportional dividend.
•For details, please check the Siege War Rules dialogue at the Siege Coordinator in Nightfall Citadel.
•Siege Orders can be acquired from Master Instances, LV105-110 Team Instances, Treasure Hunter Darley in Order Highland, and "The Way to Wealth" daily quests.

Arena Season 8
New Season Start Time and other Rules
•Season 8 will start on March 27th 2019.
•When the server goes live that day, all players' Arena Score will be cleared, and will be granted the boost based on their Season 7 Score.
•The Score from Season 7 will be recorded as Previous Season Score.
•Meanwhile, the players' Arena Points will also be reset.
•The Medals and Evolution Item from Season 7 will also lose their function to Evolve gear.

Season 8 Gear, Gear Exchange, and Gear Evolution
­ •When new season starts, LV100 Arena Gear will be available, with improved attributes and set attributes.
­ •It requires a Arena Score of 2100-2700 to exchange for LV110 Gear, and it costs a certain amount of Arena Points and Coins.
­ •About the gear from previous seasons: The exchange for Season 4 gear will be removed; exchange for Season 7 gear will be added; the requirement to exchange for the gear from all previous seasons will be lowered.
­ •The gear from Season 7 can be evolved to LV100 Arena Gear by using the newly added Evolution Item - Glory Record and new medals. The requirement to evolve old gear is lowered.

Arena Season 7 Reward
•When Season 8 starts, players can collect the reward for the previous season from Arena Manager Powell. Players with a score higher than 1001 can win a lot of Anima EXP items, as well as a certain amount of Soul Coins, Arena Exclusive Mount, and Exclusive Titles based on their different scores.

New Sign-up and Matchmaking Rules
•A new Sign-up rule will be adopted for the new season.
•The start time for both 3v3 and 6v6 battles will be changed to;
20:00-22:00 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and 15:00-17:00 Saturday and Sunday in X-Server.
•During this time, players must sign up in a team (team of 3 for 3v3 and team of 6 for 6v6).
•If the team has personnel changes, member logging off or switching servers, the team will be disqualified. The team leader will need to sign up again. (You can view sign-up time in the time table in the sign-up menu)
•When each sign-up window ends, teams will be matched based on their scores.
•The result of the first 10 battles of each team member will also affect the team's score.
•In the previous rules, if a team had participated less than 5 battles, they will lose a certain amount of score; this limit is changed to 3 battles, and the score they lose will be 1/3 of the value in the old rules.
•all rules apply to 3v3 and 6v6 separately.

New Faction Battlefield Season
•Merit reset: When the update goes alive, the players' Merit from last season will be converted into Faction Glory (can be viewed in R - Legend menu).
•10% of the Merit from last season will be carried over to the new season to start with.
•Faction Glory can be used in reward exchange from the previous season.

•Faction Badge Exchange: The items exchanged with previous season's S1 badges will be removed from the shelf, and replaced with those that can be exchanged within S2 badges.
•The existing S1 badges will be converted into S2 badges at a 10:0 ratio, or they can sold to shop to get Soul Coins.

•Faction Battlefield Rule Changes: The required points to win is lowered from 12000 to 10000. The required energy level and the boosted energy by retaliation early warning is lowered.

•Added Assist Stat: When there is a kill, a player can get an Assist by assisting in killing or healing. Each Assist is worth 2 points.

•Faction Battlefield Activeness: Optimized the algorithm for calculating Activeness
•Kills, Assists, using tactics, destroying strongholds will boost your Activeness,
•while AFK and getting killed too frequently will have a negative impact on your Activeness.
•Your Activeness will affect the final reward.

•Added Fail Incentive Quest: Players that were active in a battle but failed will gain 1 point of Faction Battle Grudge.
•With Grudge, they can take a Fail Incentive Quest from Raisinger Jr. or Rose Princess, and help them with the battle.

•Faction Battlefield Internal Reward Mechanism Changes

­•Boar Tusk: removed the Boar Tusk yield by mining the advanced mines in the central Mineshaft; instead, Boar Tusk will be acquired by killing Boars.
•There is also a high chance to acquire Boar Tusks if you complete the Faction Battlefield and reach a certain Activeness threshold.

­•Slaughtered Food: There is a high chance to get if you complete the Faction Battlefield and reach a certain Activeness threshold.

­•New Battle Reward: There is a chance to get if you complete the Faction Battlefield and reach a certain Activeness threshold. The chance increases for each Faction Index you complete.

­•New Proof of Mettle: can be acquired by killing Battlehammer Lord. There is also a chance to get by completing the newly added quest Battlehammer Bounty.

­•Added Absence Compensation: When the new season starts, after the player has completed a Faction Battlefield, the system will calculate the battles that the player has been absent from during the last season, and issue a certain amount of compensation (for up to 3 battles).

LV110 Zodiac Event
•The Zodiac Event starts at 10:05 every Wednesday. The Zodiac will be spawned in Freedom Harbor in Realm 5.
•Added LV110 Zodiac Weapon for all classes
•Added the Evolution of LV105 Zodiac Weapon
•Added the exchange of LV105 Zodiac Weapon to Arwen Starlight in Twilight Hall.

Zodiac Event Details:
­ •There are three Elite Zodiac Monsters: Dysil's Illusion. They are independent from each other;

­ •They can be found near the Stone Circle, the Unplowed Grounds, and the Lifestream Monastery.

­ •Because the Elite Zodiac Monsters possess a special power, it takes 18 players to break one's defense.

­ •When an Elite Zodiac Monster is killed, some of the participating players will be inflicted with a Weakened effect. They cannot participate in killing another Elite Zodiac Monster.
­ •Up to 12 players can be inflicted with this status.

­ •When each Elite Zodiac Monster is killed, it will drop a Freedom Energy Core and a Voyage Energy Miracle, which can be used to trade for Zodiac Weapons and evolve them.

­ •vi: It takes 3 Freedom Energy Cores to trade for a LV105 Zodiac Weapon, and 3 Voyage Energy Miracle to evolve one.

­ •If the Dysil's Illusion is not killed at 11:30, it will disappear.

New Damage Stats
•You can open the Damage Stats menu by clicking the newly added button next to the mini-map;
•The Stats include Total Damage, Real-Time DPS, Skill Usage Analysis, Skill Hit and Crit Analysis, as well as a broadcast feature;
•You can use the "Total"/"DPS" button to switch and view the corresponding Total Damage and Real-Time DPS stats.
•When Total/DPS menus display any character's damage record, you can click the character's record entry to view the skills it has used, and the damage each skill has dealt.
•At max 13 entries will be displayed.
•You can click any skill in the Skill Analysis menu to view the skill's "Hit" and "Crit" counts, as well as the damage it has dealt.
•In any of these menus, as long as there is any stats, you can click the speaker icon to the upper right corner and send the stats to the selected channel.

Add Relic Spirit Directed Combine
•Added a Relic Spirit Directed Combine function. You can use this service at the Relic Spirit NPC and use Directed Combine Charm to craft the Relic Spirit of the corresponding level and attributes.

New Pet Control Features
•On top of the four existing Pet Control Tasks, 9 new Pet Control Tasks are added, including:

•Pet HP Training
•Pet Attack Training
•Pet Defense Training
•Pet Accuracy Training
•Pet Evasion Training
•Pet Crit Chance Training
•Pet Crit Damage Training
•Pet Crit Dodge Training
•Pet Crit Defense Training

which can improve the pet's corresponding attributes.

•The new Pet Control Tasks have a level cap of 200.
•These tasks cost Soul Coins and Soul Power, as well as Training Spirit or Pet Eggs.
•The Training Spirit can be acquired from the Daily quests in the Creekbank Valley instance, or can be directly purchased from the Pet Dealer.

•The old tasks also have their level cap increased to 200. For Train Pet and Release Pet tasks, before LV100, these tasks have their cooldown reduced to 60 seconds, while the cost remains the same.

New Master Pet Skill Book
•Expert Pet Skill Books are added to Pet Dealer for sale; only Expert Skill Books for Mastery and Protect are added.

New Inauguration Ceremony for Cintura Castle Owner
•The winning Guild Leader in the Siege War will become the Cintura Castle owner for a limited time.
­•When there is a change in Guild Leadership, the new leader will be the castle owner.
•When the winning Guild has changed, the new Guild Leader will be the castle owner.

•Castle Owner Privilege 1: Castle Owner's Statue
­ •The Statue is available for carving from Monday 00:00 to Saturday 23:59;
­ •A castle owner can go to the Tax Officer in Cintura Castle to change the appearance of the statue.

•Castle Owner Privilege 2: Castle Owner's Inauguration Ceremony
­ •The Inauguration Ceremony can be held from Monday 00:00 to Saturday 23:59;
­ •The ceremony can be arranged at the Ceremony Officer in Cintura Castle;
­ •Only one Inauguration Ceremony can be held per day.

New Class: Dragoon
•Available for Human; and uses a Lance as weapon;
•This class has three talent trees:
•Ashen: which focuses on Target Damage Output
•Sleet: which focuses on Support and Control
•Bleak: which focuses on Mass Damage Output
•The Dragoon uses the following element masteries;
•Fire Mastery for Ashen
•Water Mastery for Sleet
•Darkness Mastery for Bleak

New Activity: Nyos' Magic Cube
•All players can go to Macy Skald in Nightfall Citadel or Cintura Castle from Monday 12:00 to Sunday 22:30 to enter the Magic Cube;
and will be able to explore and challenge the endless rooms to win a lot of Dedication;
the result of a player's completion of each room will be ranked, and rewards will be given based on their ranks;

•Stage 1 for the Magic Cube has 8 Vertex Rooms and 8 Prism Rooms.

8 Vertex Rooms;
•Room of Wealth
•Room of Choice
•Room of Storm
•Room of Diligence
•Room of Insight
•Room of Protection
•Room of Wisdom
•Room of Dexterity

8 Prism Rooms;
•Room of Sentiment
•Room of Melody
•Room of Rapport
•Room of Resolve
•Room of Cultivation
•Room of Fortitude
•Room of Sacrifice
•Room of Suspicion

New Main Story
•New Main Story quests are available: Eastern Sea Voyage.
•Players are able to go to the end of the Eastern Sea and investigate the missing of many ships.

New Map Area
•New Area available: Ocean of Hope - East. Players can go to the Eastern Sea following the main quests, exploring the glaciers and ice sheets, underwater cities, and floating gardens.

New Gear
•Added LV110 Legend Gear
­•Added LV110 Legend Set Wristband and Boots.
•The new gear can be acquired from Evolution of LV105 Legend Wristband and Boots, or by trading with Arwen Starlight in Twilight Square;

­•Added LV110 Legend Set Accessories.
The new accessories can be acquired from Evolution of LV105 Legend Accessories, or by trading with Arwen Starlight in Twilight Square;

­•LV110 Battlefield Accessory: added LV110 Battlefield Accessory and their Evolution.
The new accessories can be acquired from Evolution of LV105 Battlefield Accessories, or by trading with Avari in Hall of Glory.

­•Lowered the required Battlefield Points to trade for existing Battlefield Accessory Tokens, and added the token for LV110 Accessories: the Furious Gladiator Medal, which costs 5000 Battlefield Points to trade.

•Added LV110 Legendary Weapon
Added LV110 Legendary Weapon for all classes, and the Evolution of LV105 Legendary Weapon.

•Added LV110 Element Gear
Added LV110 Element Gear for all classes; LV105 Element Gear and Evolution Item for LV110 will be dropped in Elemental Spire.

Mercury Collector Ranking
•A Collector Ranking is added to Mercury Union, which will keep track of the number of Magic Boxes opened by all players in a server. When the number reaches 5000, the 5000th player to open a Magic Box will be rewarded a key, which can be used to open a treasure chest in the Collector Ranking.

•The Collector Ranking's maximum count is 100,000. When the count reaches 10000, 50000, and 100000, a key of higher rarity will be rewarded. •There will be a system-wide broadcast when the count is getting close to the reward value. Pay attention to the message, and make sure you have a free slot in your bag.

•The Collector Ranking will be enabled periodically.
•New Erumi Magic Box will be available (see Marketplace Update below for more details)
•The Collector Ranking can also be accessed from the Marketplace.

•X-Server Master Random Challenge Instance Changed
•Random Challenge Instance will be available on the X-server;

­ •Bonegnasher's Nest
­ •Home Base of Kagal
­ •Artifact Trial
­ •Order of the Haunted
­ •Nightmare Island
­ ­ So, the master instances can be challenged from both X-server and local server.

­ •The available time of the master instance loot "Conqueror's Tag" will be changed to 12:00 to 24:00 every day, both in local server and X-server.

•Increased the yield of Sailing Ration
•Increased the yield of Sailing Ration from killing Arc Cannon.

•Black Market Optimized
•Certain items that have been added in the Black Market for too long have been optimized:
•the sale time is shortened to at most 2 days.

•Faction Battlefield Changed
•The Wild Boar in Central Mineshaft will start to spawn in 1 minute after the battle starts.

•Chest of Fate Changed
•The Devirock Shard, Flame Crystal, and Elemental Star Essence in Infernal Gift Box, Celestial Gift Box, and Cosmic Gift Box items in the Chest of Fate are changed to bound.
•The Key of Fate that can be collected for free every day is no longer VIP only. It will also be bound.

•Order Gear Changed
•The Mastery type Order Gear will have its range increased;
•The Crit Damage type will have a slight chance to increase attributes.

•Horseshoe Changed
•Purple Horseshoe's Mastery activated attributes are changed;
•Golden Horseshoe's Mastery activated attributes, Crit Damage activated attributes, Crit Defense activated attributes are changed

•Bloodline Inheritance Changed
•The new inheritor character will also have its Astroplane Level inherited.

•Starter Card Changed
•Changed the number of Soul Leaf in Starter Card.

•Battlefield Optimized
­ •During siege phase (PVE), the time limit is removed; PVP time limit is increased to 40 minutes;
­ •The use of potions in the battlefield will no longer be limited;
­ •North Gate and West Gate teleportation portals have been relocated.
­ •Monster Skill Changed: Removed the effect to summon fire circles.
­ •The Siege Vehicle's damage against the Gate is increased to 20% HP per hit.
­ •The guiding arrow effect in the battlefield is changed to fast visible.
­ •Multiple Administration Order sale quests added to Cintura Castle NPC Tax Officer.

•Siege War Optimized (1)
­ •Killing the castle owner boss drops 200 unbound Administration Order for the killer team.
­ •the siege phase time limit for Siege War Battlefield is shortened to 30 minutes;
­ •The buff duration in the battlefield is increased to 3 hours.
­ •The ownership duration for captured flags is increased; the flag will be dropped in 3 minutes, and respawned in the center of the castle.
­ •The Castle Owner's Pack now contains 2000 Administration Orders.
­ •The female and male Tax Officers will only show up when there is a winning guild.
­ •The Tax Officer that sell Administration Order and rare items will be available from Sunday 23:00 to next Saturday 12:00.
­ •The Tax Officer that gives buyer dividend will be available from Saturday 12:00 to next Sunday 12:00.

•Siege War Optimized (2)
­ •the player that has captured the flag will be displayed in the battlefield map; the marker will be canceled when the flag is lost;
•The flag bearer will be displayed as a red marker in the mini-map to the bottom right corner.
•In the M map, the flag bearer will be displayed as a red flag.

­•Unlimited Rare Item sale added to Cintura Castle Tax Officer;
i. Super Mana Vortex and Super Life Vortex;
ii. Pet Skill Book: Crystal Realm II and Valiant Spirit II

­•The upper limit for the total dividend for winning Guild in the Siege War is increased to 200 Diamonds.

•Siege War Optimized (3)
­ •When the player that has captured the flag enters stealth, the marker will still be displayed;
­ •Tax Officer Rare Item Sale: The Coin tab's level restriction is lowered to LV50;

•Eliminate Boss Quest Reward Changed:
•The 5th, 11th, and 18th round of the Eliminate Boss quest will reward an additional Elite Reward Token; the 18th round will reward an additional Monstrous Bone (can be traded at Rodgers for certain long duration Artifact Collection).

•Dedication Reward Changed
•The reward for 220 Weekly Dedication is changed to Ghastly Flare Gembox (Lv3) x2.
•The Guild Benefit Coupon is moved to Source of Sin Prelude and Source of Sin Finale's Champion Difficulty Weekly Quests, one for each instance.

•Quick-Change Gear Changed
•The Quick-Change now affects Elemental Relic and Horseshoe. The Gear II menu now includes Elemental Relic and Horseshoe slots.

•Algorithm for Activeness in Faction Battlefield is optimized
•Optimized the algorithm for Activeness in Faction Battlefield by increasing the weight of Assists, so Support and Healer classes can reach Activeness easier.
•In addition, speed is a factor: if the one side in the Faction Battlefield is severely stronger than the other, then the stronger side should focus on fulfilling requirements, and end the battle asap, since low efficiency combat will affect your Activeness.

•Guild Midas Bonus Changed
•Guilds won't get 1D Midas Bonus for free every week;
instead, they will get more Midas Bonus from Territory War rewards:

•1st Place Guild will be rewarded 3D Midas Bonus
•2nd-3rd Place Guilds will be rewarded 2D Midas Bonus
•3rd-10th Place Guilds will be rewarded with 1D Midas Bonus

•NPC Shop Changed
­ •Newly added LV95 Leveling Pack:
­ •Magic Box Merchant Ur Gianne now sells the item Shylia's Light 95 in rare item tab.
­ ­ •You can directly reach LV95 using this item, as well as completing all relevant main quests and unlocking all relevant functions;
also will be granted Soul Power, gems, runes, gear, Divine Glory Badges, and Anima Evolve items.

•LV95 Leveling Pack Changed:
•The players who purchased and used Shylia's Light 95 can have their Mastery Training Level cap increased to LV20.
•Shylia's Blessing 95 is added in the Rare Item tab (directly reach LV95 and complete all main quests); it can be traded using Token of Faith; players who have used the LV90 Leveling Pack can use this item.
•Shylia's Blessing 95 is added in the Rare Item tab, which can be traded using [Celia's Miracle] Journey to 90; players who have not used the LV90 Leveling Pack can trade for it for free.
•The LV95 Leveling Pack, which was originally purchased from Ur Gianne, can now be acquired from Lorgas next to Ferrie in Twilight Square.

­ •Canceled the Fusion Agent Lv1-Lv3 purchase using Gold Coins from Jane Morningstar

­ •The trade for Rare Items Dar Giugo's Treasure, Elite Reward Token Reward, and Elite Reward Token Reward are moved from Dar Giugo to Ur Gianne.

•Arena Gear Adjustment
­ •The NPC Zimmer (across from Henry) provides the option to exchange S4 Arena Gear (5 pieces).
­ •It requires 1200 Arena Score, and costs 50G.
­ •The gear acquired here cannot be Evolved.
­ •They can be equipped at LV85, and have the same attributes with LV90 Arena Gear.

Skill Adjustment
•Increased the base damage of all Dragoon attacking skills.
•Each point of Dragon Breath increases base damage by 0.3%. At 100 points of Energy, additionally increase by 0.2%.
(Wailing Phantom only takes effect upon odd number hits)

•Each point of Fervor energy increases the Dragon Breath gain of Fire Skills by 1%
•Each point of Nature energy increases Dragon Breath gain of Water Skills by 1%
•Each point of Wisdom energy increases Dragon Breath gain of Darkness Skills by 1%
(the additional gain effect of Wailing Phantom is reduced in half)

•Dragon Ascension's duration and cooldown are increased to 180 seconds;
the base duration is increased to 20 seconds.

•Fixed the issue that Lance Shadow of the Ashen talent doesn't take effect

About Certain Special Quests
•Anima Acquisition: Anima: Shelter will be given automatically
•Anima: Rage will be acquired by completing Hell Road Stage 5

•Selection of Faith: You can find the quest Vice or Virtue in the "Find Quests" function, and follow the quest to select a path between Vice and Virtue.

•Selection of Elemental Relic: You can find the quest Rose Queen in the "Find Quests" function, and follow the quest to select an Elemental Relic

•Selection of Light/Dark Awakening: You can find the quest Child of Light/Darkness in the "Find Quests" function, and follow the quest to select a path for the Awakening

•Continue with Main Quest: You can find the quest Ipos on the Cliff in the "Find Quests" function, and follow the quest to resume the Main Quest
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