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Gaining Players Idea

endless013endless013 Posts: 231 Arc User
Ok so I was thinking, this game could really use some Twitch Prime loot like Neverwinter has, I don't see a reason this couldn't also work for FW to get an uptick in users also. I'd post this to facebook but I'm not able to post on the facebook page for whatever reason and twitter is dead and dusty. So what do you all think, would Prime loot be a good idea?
GoDieNow, Reaper (bloodwind) lvl110
GoDiePlz, Demon (hellfire) lvl110
CrispyDjinn, Warden (Sun Ray) lvl 110
endless_XIII, Protector (Granite) lvl 95


  • deletedemonsdeletedemons Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited April 2019
    how about deleting demons?
    This way, we can be playing Fun Online Games without worrying about broken things.
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    Delete Demons Thankies <3
  • micca1976#0699 micca1976 Posts: 38 Arc User
    I need the old login method back. So we don't waste time login through Arc.
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