Hello from the other side

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Sorry about title, couldn't resist,

Nothing to see here really, but full disclosure after like... I guess its been years now, of being gone I had a weird dream about this game and wanted to reach out and say hi to everyone I had fun with on this game, you guys are awesome (if youre even there lol)

If we didn't have fun together, still hi, but with a much less happy tone xD jk

If no one remembers me that's cool too,

aprotcalypse out :tongue:


  • adamm119
    adamm119 Posts: 57 Arc User
    (P.S. Id do this in game if updates didn't take my crappy internet literally days to download, and also this seemed a bit more noticeable than a one night stand with world chat again)

    (P.P.S. Im from Eyrda but this hello and thank you for being awesome extends to all servers)
  • duskofdoom
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    Hi from a fellow player from Eyrda o/
    Server: Eyrda
    Talent/Class: Diamond Protector
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    Hej there (Y)