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Event ?

ichdummichdumm Posts: 349 Arc User
Somewhere ist start completely ? Only Kirin came up. NPC is there but had not options.


  • ichdummichdumm Posts: 349 Arc User
    edited February 2019

    what is been found / missing seem to be the activation of this: (dialogs ;) )

    The Spring is coming. Everything is growing again.
    God grants you the powerful rune that can turn the tide of battle.",


    Description text:

    Give the Spring Wish Festival Messenger a normal Lv3-Lv5 rune as a seed which will grow when the Spring comes!
    Rune Cultivation Rule:
    The Spring Wish Festival Messenger will only accept normal Lv3-Lv5 runes matching with the player's class. After the Spring Wish Festival, you can receive your ripe rune by showing Rune Cultivation Proof to the Spring Wish Festival Messenger.(Random talent, optional color, bound)
    Rune growth forecast:
    Normal Lv3 Rune; Lv3 Normal Runes with 6 points of Power Value
    Normal Lv4 Rune; Lv4 Normal Runes with 7 points of Power Value
    Normal Lv5 Rune Lv10 Normal Runes with 5 points of Power Value,

    Problem is that within the ger client there is nothing to do @NPC.
    Other clients had a option there ?
    OK, there is one thing we can click but it leads to a empty "page" that only can be go back / close.

    Tooooo early started event ? Spring is some days to go :)
    And i'm missing here something about a RED BAG as to read in small kirin book.
  • phantom317phantom317 Posts: 40 Arc User
    edited February 2019
    Das Event ist China Exklusive. War letztes Jahr auch schon so. Daß der Boss in der EU/US Version auch spawnt wird deswegen sein daß wenn man den deaktiviert mehr durcheinander kommt in der DB. Deswegen lässt man das so stehen. Deaktiviert sich eh nach ner Zeit von selber wieder. Also eigentlich müsstest du das wissen. Sowas weiß selbst ich.
    Also mit anderen Worten dieses Event ist nicht für unsere Versionen bestimmt. Sollte theoretisch gar nicht aktiv sein. Sei also froh daß du zumindest den Boss hauen darfst.
  • synsoisynsoi Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited March 2019
    Good grief, does anyone other than @phantom317 know what @tichdumm is talking about? I understand none of it! :s
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