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Super Bowl Community Vote Event! 1/26 - 2/2 *RESULTS*

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 704 Perfect World Employee
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Hi Everybody!

The two teams heading to this year’s Super Bowl have been decided! We wanted to join in the excitement of this year’s big game by having a fun event! Everyone can cast their vote towards who they think will win the Super Bowl and how many points they think will be scored throughout the game.

--If the community picks the winning team correctly, everyone will win a Gem Grand Pack & Flare Gem Card!

Gem Grand Pack contains: Ragefire III x2, Bloodstone III x2, Solarflare III x2, Eagleeye III, Goldspark III, Twilight III, Shattershard III

--If the community picks the correct range the total amount of points is contained in, everyone will win a Superiority Gift Pack!

Superiority Gift Pack contains: Star Fragment x10, Pet Essence x10, Mystic Lv3 Rune Pack x4, Bloodstone IV

--If enough votes are cast, everyone will win a Fastwind Giftpack!

Fastwind Gift Pack contains: Blood Flood, Mana Flood, Book of Experience x10, Ragefire IV

Visit our Facebook page to get the link to the survey!

Make sure to cast your vote before the survey closes on Saturday, February 2 at 11:59 PM PT!

Good Luck!!

--------- RESULTS ---------

I hope everyone enjoyed the game and commercials! Plenty of you took the survey to let us know what you thought would happen during the game, clearing the 300 votes required to unlock the community reward! Now, let’s check the results of each question:

1) Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?
Community Answer: New England Patriots
Actual: New England Patriots

2) How many points will be scored during the game?
Community Answer: 37 – 54
Actual: 16

You all earned the reward for question 1 in addition to the unlockable reward! Please enjoy the following code:


This code contains the following items:
• Gem Grand Pack
• Flare Gem Card
• Fastwind Gift Pack

Reward Distribution:
• Please make sure to have mailbox space available before redeeming the code.
• Codes are redeemable once per account.
• Rewards are normally bound when received, please make sure to redeem on the intended character.
• This code will expire 2/27/19.
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