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    not sure if this person commenting above is being sarcastic or literally believes everything it says, either way its just very funny

    loads of ppl got proof (and i mean real proof, not videos from private servers) about **** happening in game
    for example im not ashamed of saying theres ppl in my own guild who bought this healbot from this guy on facebook and showed me in duel how it works just so we could report it, to end up being ignored by support
    nice huh? i even recorded a video myself of the duel where this person was using the healbot vs me, but lemme tell you im from illyfue, not a private server, dayum
    i saw it, i've been seeing it happening for months in illyfue+tytan, its not a bloody guy knowing how and when to heal up lel

    its also so funny reading some ppl claiming this is just "good pvp ppl who know what they do and know how to pvp and rest of you are stupid so shut up ktybye"
    well what kind of pvp is a lv95 char gonna do dueling a lv110 priest, getting 100k crits and getting drained and then getting their hp+mana fully healed up after pressing 1 skill (or if you set it manually you can even keep your hp+mana full 24/7)

    we got healbots, infinite instance rolls, infinite inferno key drops for ancient warrior souls, dmg multipliers, skill modifications, skill cooldown resets, and probably much more that we dont even know about, i'll show you what kind of stuff you can buy right after this post because i know it will get deleted anyway

    support knows nothing, they do nothing, the only reason some ppl came here now moaning at the situation is because of that, because we're tired of the same robot replies in our tickets and reports @anole300#5837 so dont tell us to go support because they are not doing anything about this, your game is burning down and rotting completely and its quite sad seeing pwe not giving a fudge about anything as long as its not cs related

  • galadhwen23
    galadhwen23 Posts: 190 Arc User
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    and before you jump on me saying this is for a private server, do i need to remind you that this healbot started/came out from a private server and an old gm who modified files and is now in official fw servers after being sold to ppl? it spreads like a virus and many pwe games are already affected and corrupted by it, not just fw fyi
    but ye it doesnt matter, keep csing to make em all happy, but dont you dare using a vpn to get cheaper leaves because they'll ban you
    damn, exploiting, abusing, hacking and modifying the game is not enough to get banned it seems
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