Voyage Expansion Feedback Event 11/10 - 11/17 *RESULTS*



  • ichdumm
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    A list of items that seems not implanted/available yet:
    -Eyrda Petals
    -Gem Tickets
    -Golden Fruit
    -Generals Mount Order
    -Kings Mount Order
    -Crystal Secret Order
    -Manarock Dust
    -Colorful Runic Soul
    -Moonlight Exchange token
    -Glimmer of Dexterity,Hawkeye Glimmer,...
    -Sacret Ticket
    Maybe the one or the other item is available (mostlikely in an orb ofc) just i havent figured it out yet.

    The NPC on Libra Island to enter an instance comes into play later i guess? We tried to enter manually there with 6/12/18... ppl but couldnt.

    In Med. training ground for archers you have to cast a skill called Pulse Shot just that skill doesnt exist for archers

    Most of missing "parts" are MISSED SINCE AGES. We are getting max. 30% of the patch/upgrade/extensions.
  • risaharada2011
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    overall prices are bad, we are not a CN server they can get things very easily because its veryyyyyyy less expensive down their while we have to pay ALOT and not get anywhere. Secondly there are always stuff missing from npc's like those sigil charms for attack, heal effect and def, no option available to use item.
  • ichdumm
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    SOMETHING new upon this ? Results ? Code ? Issues reported to Devs ? US Forum also dead now ?
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    --------------------- RESULTS ---------------------

    Thanks everyone for all of your responses! I’ve provided your Voyage feedback and suggestions to the dev team. For the community rewards, combining EN and EU’s feedback, there was just enough to unlock everything! Please enjoy the following code:


    It contains the following items:
    -Flare Gem Card
    -Heart of Fighter Pack
    -Gem Grand Pack (Deluxe)
    -Mystic Lv3 Rune Pack
    -Sailing Ration

    The code can be used once per account, contains bound items and will expire on 12/22/18. Please make sure to have room in your mailbox.
  • omfgpopperz
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    I'm not fond of the patch. Too much extra time consuming ****, and very few ways to get much needed gear refining items. I also noticed that during Guild Base Defense the bot won't work right. The setting on this event should only use the X and Y coordinates on the map, but somehow the bot is also using the Z axis, and locking on to enemies above or below the plane the character is on. This causes characters to run off of ledges and get bot locked against a rock or corner. I can't run melee characters in GBD because of this issue, especially one that doesn't have much for AoEs. I even tried setting combat distance to 3 meters, and still the same thing. It seems this started right after the patch.
  • pinky#5519
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    In Med. training ground for archers you have to cast a skill called Pulse Shot just that skill doesnt exist for archers

    If asked for Pulse Shot, use Fire at Will. Same for a marksman also.