super secret dwarfs changes

solin6 Posts: 9 Arc User
Soul marksman got hit with the nerf bat, the deadle talent no longer grants burns when using double shots
Burst marksman got BUFFED, burning rage no longer runs out, as long as something is hitting you, the 10% crit chance increase stays on


  • unusualsuspect1
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    The patch notes in their confusingly worded way did actually mention tripling the duration of burning rage.

    It did not say anything about Deadly though. I'll have to run some tests.

    Thanks for the heads up. The absolutely unnecessary MM nerfs lately are becoming annoying
  • jespervestman12
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    edited October 2018
    U 2.most be joking. This nerf was before patch .loog ago. Yes it.was burn. Before but changed to increase double shot and that dident happen this patch it was the patch before And.its.not.nerf its better then bleed. It become 9 sec double shot....
    The nerf that u missed is that exo bullet do.not slince 100% anymore but slince on.crit.only talent namn trap of magic and.that nerf was the patch to
  • majkel2
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    Burst again ftw B)
  • jespervestman12
    jespervestman12 Posts: 93 Arc User
    Yeah burst is Nice after last change super for pve