The allure of bone 105 quests

solin6 Posts: 9 Arc User
it says to capture a bone from the hellfire stronghold, how do you capture it? i can't figure out


  • solin6
    solin6 Posts: 9 Arc User
    apparently the hound just bugs out a lot, need to kill it but it keeps regenerating HP and locking out of agro range
  • wolfsrick
    wolfsrick Posts: 25 Arc User
    The bone is the fishbone from quests before, should be in your inventory by then. throw it (right klick on item in inventory), the hounds go eat, and then you kill them ... they go down fast then ...

    You can also kill them if someone else attracks them to their food
    ( if you have let time pass by and the food thing has already resetted).
    Food thing (bone) stays there fore several waves of hounds

    Also group killing counts, if your to weak - get yoursself some help...
  • majkel33
    majkel33 Posts: 93 Arc User
    Where we can pick that quest?