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Upgrading Lvl 80 soulforce trinket help

i am a Lvl 102 Elf with the lvl 80 Soulforce Trinket. " Candence of Fire and Ice".
how does one go about upgrading the trinket? I am at a loss as to how it is done.
I am currently Lvl 102 and trying to kill lvl 103 mobs (robots) and my Soulforce when activated does no damage to the mobs at all.
Any help appreciated



  • ataraxia#2202 ataraxia Posts: 22 Arc User
    So what you do is..
    Goto your race tutor, Sophia, Alain, Or Gronny. Click Lionheart Reputation Trade, Click the lvl 85 Glory of the Gods Trinket(what I call a Treasure), Requirements are rank 6 in your race, 3000 wargods, 4 soul diamonds.
    Then when you want to upgrade it, first buy the "Basic Emblem of Glory" for Rank 8 in your race, 3500 wargods, and 5 soul diamonds. The last upgrade is "Advanced Emblem of Glory" for rank 10 of your race, 4000 wargods, and 6 soul diamonds.
    To upgrade your Treasure with the item you need, you go to the armorer or blacksmith anywhere you would go to do fortify stuff, then go to the upgrade section (which is called "Identification") It's between Reforge and Augmentation.

    p.s. This is the Treasure I use, and I have heard of people using the cs Treasure where upon their soulforce doesnt kill the demon scamps or the lvl 100 mobs that spawn with the scrolls from the chests in highland.
    Eyrda (PvP) East
    Lvl 110 wind mage (human) - Godifer - Born Nov 2017 -
    botany 9(Max), alchemy 9(Max), chef 10(Max), fish 7 (Max), soc 6, mine 9, adv 5, tame 2, merchant 1, salvage 9(Max), wep&armor smith 6, jewel 1.
  • originalsinnoriginalsinn Posts: 14 Arc User
    ty for your help <3
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