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lionheart training camps

raven#3594 raven Posts: 9 Arc User
ok did anyon notice or did I have too much coffee but the lionheart trainning quest for the beginners are in Chinese!!!! If that one is like that how many other things are messed up in that fashion?? So is there a GM or someone here that can fix tha because I am American cannot understand Chinese!! Thanks


  • stew675stew675 Posts: 250 Arc User
    You're a ranger? I guess so. This is a problem for rangers.

    Just experiment. You'll learn which is which soon enough. This affected Wardens for about 6 months, and I figured out what Chinese characters meant which skill within one attempt of it. You can do it too
  • tan0112#5630 tan0112 Posts: 1 New User
    edited May 2018
    i understand chinese :p
  • kittengikittengi Posts: 2 Arc User
    Thats happen to me but not anymore o.O How? I really dnt know X'D
  • i've tried this thing like at least ten times, and still i can not seemed to get it right. chinese is so confusing. is there anyway to put it in english? lol
  • i have tried many times to install forsaken world and get error in program
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