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Patch Notes v.914.1 Exordium May 2018 Update

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 849 Perfect World Employee
edited June 2018 in Patch Notes
New Instance
1. New Master Random Instance: Artifact Trial
a) Requires LV105; can be entered via random instance or via the Artifact Trial Agent;
b) Artifact Trial Agent can be found at Baptism Square in Order Highland;

2. Master Lionheart Battle Camp
a) Added a new single player instance "Master Lionheart Battle Camp", which can be entered via quick team up;
b) This instance can be completed once per week;
c) Sign-up is available from 12:00 Monday to 21:00 Sunday;

3. Added Champion Mode for the team instance Source of Sin
a) Requires LV105; requires a team of 12-18 players;
b) The entrance NPC, Gerian, can be found at Baptism Square in Order Highland;
c) Instance Reward: Champion Rank 7 Gear; Order Rank 1 Gear; Flame Crystal, Elemental Star Essence, Paleblue Crystal, Spellbound Sandgrit, Divine Blood, Arcane Crystal Shard;

4. Added team instance "Source of Sin Interlude" with Normal and Champion modes
a) Instance Entrance: Gerian at Baptism Square in Order Highland;
b) Required Team Size: 6-18 players;
i. Normal Mode: Champion Rank 7 Gear; Order Rank 1 Gear; Spellbound Sandgrit; Divine Blood; Arcane Crystal Shard; Paleblue Crystal, Source Essence Fragment, Source Essence Shard;
ii. Champion Mode: Champion Rank 7 Gear; Order Rank 1 Gear; Spellbound Sandgrit; Divine Blood; Arcane Crystal Shard; Paleblue Crystal, Source Essence Fragment, Source Essence Shard;

i. Changed the Legendary Points from the weekly reward of Source of Sin Prelude: Normal Mode - 300; Champion Mode - 600;
ii. Changed the Legendary Points from the weekly reward of Source of Sin Interlude: Normal Mode - 500; Champion Mode - 900;

New Features
1. Smelter Alchemy added
a) The Alchemy apparatus can be found at Baptism Square in Order Highland;
b) You can put in various items to gain all sorts of unexpected products including Orange Gear Shard, Zodiac Weapon, Fashion, Mount, Pet Egg, and so on;

2. Relic Reset
a) Added a reset feature for Relic Transfer. After a successful Relic Transfer, you need to use Relic Reset or Keep Relic Transfer to proceed with the next step;
b) Relic Reset costs coins, while Keep Relic Transfer doesn't cost anything;

3. New combat training map: Survivor's Camp (Mirror)
This instance is for solo or team training purposes. Teams can make appointments and train together, or spectator other teams' matches. Players can take the Scroll: To Battle from Wendeline in Twilight Council to enter the training map.

4. Added Radiant Gem features
Players can put Radiant Gems of different colors into the Extravagant Lamp which can be found in Freedom Harbor Square. The light effect will last 2 hours. You can put in gems again when the effect expires. The Mineralogist can help you look for Radiant Gems. You can take the quest from the Miner Tutor in Nightfall Citadel every day.

5. New exchangables added to the Heart Of Miracle at Bottom of the Abyss.
You can use Contented Miracle Pouch or Gorgeous Miracle Pouch to trade for three types of Elemental Relics that can be combined to gain a lot of Growth.
Contractable Contented Miracle Pouch can be converted into normal Contented Miracle Pouch.

New Gear
1. Added the exchange for LV105 Legend Accessories and the Evolution of LV100 Legend Accessories.

2. LV105 Legend Gear
a) Added LV105 Legend Weapon, which can be acquired from Evolution of LV100 Legend Weapon.
b) Added LV105 Legend Set Wristband and Boots. The new gear can be acquired from Evolution of LV100 Legend Wristband and Boots, or by trading with Arwen Starlight in Twilight Square.

3. LV105 Battlefield Accessory
Added LV105 Battlefield Accessory and their Evolution. The new accessories can be acquired from Evolution of LV100 Battlefield Accessories, or by trading with Avari in Mercury Marketplace.

4. Lowered the required Battlefield Points to trade for existing Battlefield Accessory Tokens, and added the token for LV105 Accessories: the Righteous Gladiator Medal, which costs 5000 Battlefield Points to trade.

5. Added LV105 Element Gear
a) Added LV105 Element Gear; Added the Evolution of LV100 Element Gear; Added the item required in the Evolution of LV100 Element Gear to LV105;
b) Replaced the old Element boss loots. LV95 Element Gear and Evolution Item to LV100 have been replaced with LV100 Element Gear and Evolution Item to LV105.

6. Added Low Grade LV105 Legend Weapon: Glow series
Added LV105 Glow series Legend Weapon: Glow I; Glow II; Glow III; and Glow IV;
Glow I can be acquired from Arwen Starlight in Twilight Hall. Other weapons can be acquired from Evolution of Glow I and so on;
Glow IV can be evolved into LV105 Divine Light Legend Weapon.

1. Fashion Slot: Mask
a) Added an option to the Equipment menu to hide the mask.
b) Masks come with Fashion Attributes. You can re-identify items at Armorers or the Winch Family.

New Season
1. Arena S7 will be opened soon
a) Players active in Season 6 can claim a reward according to their Arena Points from the Arena Manager.
b) Arena Point rule is adjusted: your current Points will be set to 70% of the highest points of the previous season; if it is still higher than 1750 after being set to 70%, then set to 1750; if it is lower than 1000 after being set to 70%, then set to 1000. The final points from the previous season will be kept as your points from the previous season. All Arena Points will be cleared.
c) Gear Exchange: removed the exchange for Season 3 Gear; Arena Gear Exchanges for Season 4, 5, and 6 are available at the old Season Gear Exchange. Season 7 Arena Gear Exchange is available at the New Season Gear Exchange (Helm, Body, Belt, Pauldrons, Pants, Weapon); 3v3 and 6v6 Exchanges for all classes from a same season are combined into a same page. The requirements to exchange for old Season Gear are lowered. The Exchange Requirements for Season 7 Gear is the same with that of Season 6 Gear.
d) Gear Evolution requirements are lowered; the Evolution Item of Season 6 Bracers and Boots to Season 7 can be traded from the Faction Battlefield Exchange NPC.
e) In Arena 3v3 and 6v6 modes, if you haven't played 6 matches for each mode within a week, you will suffer a point penalty based on your grade by the time you log in next week.

New Arena
1. Survival Trial Arena is opened
a)Sign-up starts at 20:00-20:14 every Sunday; the match starts at 20:15.
b) To sign up, during the sign-up time, open the Event menu and select Survival Trial.
c) Win Conditions:
i. Each Survival Trial match lasts 30 minutes. Within 30 minutes, if there is only one surviving player, then this player wins the match, and the match ends.
ii. Within 30 minutes, if there are two or less surviving players, then they will be come the winners of the match, and the match ends.
iii.Within 30 minutes, if there are more than two surviving players, then there will be no winner.
iv. Rewards: winners can get Dark Amethyst Scroll (Bound) x100.
(known issue, 2nd place player may be placed into a limbo state/disconnected after the match)
2. The old Guild PK Battle is canceled and integrated into the Survival Trial (Guild Mode). The newly added Survival Trial (Guild Mode) is open during 19:30-20:30 every Saturday.
a) Sign-up:
i. Teams must be from the same guild, with 6-18 players, and the team leader needs to sign up during the available time.
ii. This mode can not be entered solo.
iii. During the available time, a Guild Team can sign up for multiple times, but with an interval of 15 minutes.
b) Win Conditions:
i. Within 30 minutes, if there are players from only one Guild surviving, no matter how many players there are, this Guild becomes the winner of the match. All participants of the match from the winner Guild will receive the reward, and the match ends.
ii. When the match ends in 30 minutes, if there are players from multiple Guilds surviving, then the Guild with the most surviving players becomes the winner of the match. If there are multiple Guilds that have the same number of surviving players, then their total surviving time will be calculated; if they have the same surviving time, then their kills will be calculated; if all those stats are equal, then there will be no winner in this match.
c) Rewards:
i. All participants from the winner Guild of the Survival Trial (Guild Mode) will get a Survival Trial Winner Pack, which contains: Amethyst Soul Crystal x30, Lv1 Relic Spirit Mark x20, Astroplane Dust x15, Astroplane Spar x10, and Expedition Contribution x500.
ii. Players who have not won the Survival Trial (Guild Mode) will also get a Survival Trial Participant Pack, which contains: Amethyst Soul Crystal x8, Lv1 Relic Spirit Mark x5, Astroplane Dust x5, Astroplane Spar x3, and Expedition Contribution x200.

New Potions
1. Royal Blessing Potion is added to the merchant in each main city, which grants the Royal Blessing buff when used.

2. Added Order Protection Potion, which can be acquired by using the Bot functions or from the Smelter Exchange. This potion can only be used in Master Instances Bonegnasher's Nest and Home Base of Kagal to boost your attributes.

New Events
1. LV105 Zodiac Event is opened
a) The Zodiac Event starts at 22:15 every Wednesday. The Zodiac will be spawned in Realm 6.
(There will be a broadcast at 22:10, and the Skeleton King Aurix and the three guardian knights will be spawned at 22:15)
b) Added LV105 Zodiac Weapon for all classes
c) Added the Evolution of LV100 Zodiac Weapon
d) Added the exchange of LV100 Zodiac Weapon to Arwen Starlight in Twilight Hall.
e) Zodiac Event Details:
i. The Skeleton King Aurix can be found to the east of the Baptism Square; Knight Protector Rhode can be found in Ancient Ghost Street; Knight Protector Godfrey can be found in Strongwind Camp; Knight Protector Schwarb can be found in Ancient Monastery;
ii. King Aurix is protected by the knights, and will be invincible. The any two of the three protectors are below 50% HP, King Aurix's invincibility will be canceled. If their HP is recovered once again above 50%, the King will gain invincibility again, and will be fully recovered.
iii. When the King is killed, it will drop Light and Dark Energy Core and Order Energy Miracle, which can be used to trade for Zodiac Weapons and evolve them.
iv. As long as the King is in Order Highland, the Knights will not be killed.
v. If the King is not killed by 23:15, it will escape, and the Knights will also leave;
vi. At 23:00, Knight Protector Rhode will be randomly spawned at a location, and he will be vulnerable to be killed. There is chance he will drop Light and Dark Energy Core and Order Energy Miracle;
vii. At 23:20, Knight Protector Godfrey will be randomly spawned at a location, and he will be vulnerable to be killed. There is chance he will drop Light and Dark Energy Core and Order Energy Miracle;
vii. At 23:40, Knight Protector Godfrey will be randomly spawned at a location, and he will be vulnerable to be killed. There is chance he will drop Light and Dark Energy Core and Order Energy Miracle;
ix. At 24:00, if there are still Knight Protector that is not killed, they will leave and will be spawned next week.

2. Bot Event: Added Bot Daily Quests for LV100+
You can take the quest from Rodgers everyday, and kill 1000 Undead Members to win some Gem rewards. You can complete 18 rounds of this quest per day. When you have completed the quest for the 5th, 11th, and 18th time, you will also get some tradable Dark Amethyst Scrolls. (You only need to take the quest once per day, and the future quests will be taken automatically.)
*BOT Event Adjusted:
The Dark Amethyst Scroll Pack you get from Botting can be used at Rodgers to trade for random number of Dark Amethyst Scrolls.
You will also get a bonus potion when you complete the first round (the fifth quest), which can be used in most Master Instances to boost your Attack attributes.

New Achievements
1. New Achievement: Reach LV100; Reach LV110(Achievement/Legend/Personal Growth)
2. New Achievement: Golden/Gem/Armored/Star Goblin Slayer. (Collection/Ceremony)

Adjusted Content
1. Faction Merit Adjusted
a) Faction Merit will be adjusted after the update.
b) Adjusted the value properties of Faction Merit. The new Faction Merit no longer has both "Honor" and "Consumable" properties. It will only be your Personal Battlefield honor value, and can not be consumed in any means;
c) Merit will no longer reduced by 10% each week when the Faction Ranking are refreshed. Players can still view their Merit ranking in the Faction Merit Rankings;
d) After a Faction switch, your Merit will be 100% kept, instead of a 30% reductions.
e) Canceled the limit of max Merit you can gain per day;
f) Modified the titles for different Merit levels;
g) With more than 100+ Merit, you can open T-Battlefield Event-Faction Battlefield to collect a rank reward; the higher your rank is, the better reward you will get; Canceled the time limit for this reward, so players can take it any time they want. You can hover your mouse over R-Faction Merit to view the detailed rewards;
h) The top 500 players in the cross-server Merit Rankings can no longer win the Faction Emblem reward; instead, they will need to trade for it from the Faction Exchange NPC;

2. Faction Adjusted
a) Removed the service to switch Faction from Guild Manager Alexander; instead, Charlotte Ness will provide this service;
b) Be it personal Faction switch or Guild Faction switch, there will be a 2 days interval before you can switch Faction again;
c) You can't switch Faction on Thursday or Saturday;
d) For a Guild to switch Faction, the cost is reduced to 5D Funds;
Adjusted the Council Merit quests: the quests will be taken from the councilor elected from 27th every month to 21st next month. The quests given by each councilor can be completed once per week, and they will be reset at 00:00 every Monday. Players can only take quests for their own Faction. They quests can be completed at the Council Notary.

3. Faction Battlefield Adjusted
a) The old Faction Battlefield Hammer Heart and Twin Cities are closed. They can not be entered via the cross-server NPC after the update.
b) The cross-server Merit Exchange NPC Felicity Nietz is removed. Merit can no longer be used to trade for rewards after the update.
c) There will be a new Faction Battlefield Hammer Heart.
d) Faction Battlefield Exchange NPC Felicity Nietz is located in Mercury Marketplace in Nightfall Citadel.

b) When the Battlehammer Lord is killed, a lot of Faction Badges will be dropped in the Mineshaft area. The players from the Faction that has made the kill can collect these badges within 1 minutes;

a) A Faction chat channel is added in the Faction Battlefield;
b) When a player who have joined a Faction creates a Guild, the Guild will have the player's Faction allegiance;

a) Strategic center and battlefield tempo
i. Increased the Blocking Strip's effect range and strength. If you want to launch a sudden attack against enemy's Mineshafts, you need more power and be faster.
ii. Intensified the Mineshaft Guards, matching them to players' stats and Battlefield tempo.
iii. Increased the HP of Boss, Strongholds, Cavalry units, and Infantry units, so they provide a faster tempo.
iv. Optimized Battlehammer Lord's logic, adding active skills.
v. The Personal Battlefield Score gained via making kills is increased from 1 to 5.
vi. The adjustments made above are to establish the center of the Faction Battlefield, which is a Faction-based competition focused around fighting over central Mineshaft and Strongholds, and supplemented with Mineshaft raids.
b) Buff items and tactical items
i. Added Battlefield Buff items; players can use their Personal Battlefield Score to trade for such items, which can greatly boost their attributes.
ii. Adjusted Catapult's Cast Stone skill: its damage against players is now 80000 (with a fluctuation and only takes affect against players).
iii. Adjusted Footman Firearm's Fire skill: its damage against players is now 100000 (with a fluctuation and only takes affect against players).
iv. Adjusted Assassination Disguise's Assassin skill: its damage against players is now 500000 (with a fluctuation and only takes affect against players).
v. Modified Assassination Disguise's Camouflage skill: its effect is now "can not be targeted by enemy players; immune to negative effects and damage; lasts 5 minutes."
vi. Lowered the Merit requirement to trade for Siege Vehicle Engineer Token from 9100 to 2100.
vii. Lowered the Merit requirement to trade for Explosion Trap from 9100 to 600.
viii. The adjustments made above are to create more possibilities for players to achieve victory in the Faction Battlefield, make each session a new experience, and to give the Battlefield more unknown factors for players to explore and try out. Besides their personal power and play skills, they also have to utilize various elements such as Personal Battlefield Score and Energy Points to gain advantage against their opponents.
c) Battlefield Capacity and Reward
i. The required number of players to start a Battlefield is lowered from 18 each Faction to 12.
ii. The number of Boar Tusks dropped by Ironmane Boar King is increased from 1 to 3. You will also have a chance to get Boar Tusk by mining the advanced mines in the central Mineshaft.
iii. Added a Battlefield incentive feature: players who actively participated the battle will get a bonus reward when the battlefield ends, which includes 1 mandated Badge, a high chance to get 1 Slaughtered Food, and a high chance to get 1 Boar Tusk. The incentive rewards is determined by your Personal Battlefield Score.
iv. The adjustments made above is to optimized the competition and environment of the Faction Battlefield, trying to make sure active players are properly rewarded. We will keep optimizing the Faction Battlefield to ensure a great player experience.

a) Moderately lowered Battlehammer Lord's HP
b) The Boar Tusk mined from the central Mineshaft is changed from tradable to bound
c) Fixed the issue when Assassination Disguise might lose its effect under certain circumstances
d) Fixed the issue when some players can not get Boar Tusk by killing the Boar King

4. Adjusted the Service Fee for Warlord Blessing

5. Event Instance Optimization
a) Fort Khoaway (Monday)
i. When you complete the Receive the reward quest for the first time, the EXP gained is doubled, the Soul Power gained is doubled, the number of Dark Amethyst Scroll/Sapphire Parchment/Scroll of Sapphire is tripled;
ii. You can only complete Receive the reward quest once per week.
b) Advanced Nightmare Carnival (Tuesday)
i. the EXP gained by completing each stage is doubled, the Soul Power gained is doubled, and the Carnival Coin gained is x1.5;
ii. You can only complete the stages once per week.
c) Komog's Memory (Thursday)
i. When you complete the quest Through the Memory for the first time, the EXP gained is tripled, and the Soul Power gained is tripled;
ii. You can only complete Through the Memory quest once per week.
d) Nightmare Carnival (Saturday)
i. When you complete the stage quests for the first time, you will win EXP. Players above LV60 can win extra Soul Power. The Carnival Coins gained is x1.5;
ii. You can only complete the stages once per week.

6. Master Lionheart Battle Camp Adjusted
a) The time for each stage is increased from 120 seconds to 150 seconds
b) Slightly increased the HP of monsters in each stage
c) Fixed the issue that the mini-map to the bottom right corner is incorrectly displayed.
1. Master Lionheart Battle Camp adjusted: monster strength will be set according to your talents when the instance is entered.

7. Added new loot for the Elite Boss in the Crucible
Abyss Nightmare, Khonem Attendant, Demon Marshal, and Apocalypse Ritualist now potentially drops special purple gear pieces (0-2).
Elite Reward Token can now be used to trade for special purple gear pieces.

8. Event Adjustment: the Saturday Freedom Harbor Siege event is closed

9. Safe Extension
a) All players can spend the requirement number of Bank Extension to extend their Safe to 120 slots;
b) VIP6+ players can extend their Safe further to 252 slots

10. The Nightmare Below quest now has a new reward - Shiny Shell: VIP4+ players can use it to get a lot of Funds

11. World Elite Adjustments
a) There will be Event Reminders before World Elites show up by default; you can turn the reminder off manually.
b) In the World Elite page in the Recommended Events (U), added the link to the overworld elites, so players can use auto-path to reach the boss's location.
c) The strength of Tarrasque, Koubo Bear, and Sea Ghost's Sacrifice is adjusted to LV91
d) Elite monsters Tarrasque, Koubo Bear, Sea Ghost's Sacrifice, Abyss Nightmare, Khonem Attendant, Demon Marshal, Dryad Lord, Corrupted Cerberus, and Apocalypse Ritualist now drop Elite Reward Token
e) A new exchangeable is added to Dar Giugo in Nightfall Citadel: you can use Elite Reward Tokens to trade for Elite Monster rewards

12. Survival Trial (Solo) Optimization
To improve competition experience, a new random chest is added to Level 1 and Level 2 of Shadow Temple: Temple Treasure. Collect it to get a skill item. You need to best utilize the skill item to survive.

13. Guild War Adjusted
a) Changed the mode of cross-server Guild War: now the battle is carried out in Guilds.
b) The Guild War is carried out in Guilds, and the Same Server Protection is canceled.
c) Entrance Requirements are adjusted: Players who has LV60 Mastery or LV75 Resistance can enter at 20:30 on Sunday, or if they have Gods' Gift or 200 Dedication, they can enter at 20:45; all player can enter at 21:00.
d) A collectable is added in the Guild War, the Glory Stone. Players can collect it with an interval of 10 minutes. It can be given to the Guild Base Manager, and the Guild Base Manager will give the players a reward based on the number of Glory Stones they handed in.
e) The Guild Base Manager will only take Glory Stones from Monday to Wednesday; The Guild Leader can take the reward during 20:00 Thursday and 24:00 Saturday from the Construction Manager. The reward is available once per week.
f) Different numbers of Blood Glory Pack will be given as rewarded according to the number of Glory Stones Guild members have handed in this week; the Pack is not bound, but its contents are bound;
g) The Blood Glory Pack randomly contains: Amethyst Soul Crystal, Elite Reward Token, Flame Crystal, Lv1 Relic Spirit Mark, Dark Gold Scroll, Orange Spiritus Scroll, Purple Spiritus Scroll, Astroplane Dust, Warlord Blessing, Astroplane Spar, and Astroplane Bead;
h) The Guild War no longer gives reward directly. All rewards are to be traded for from the Guild Base Manager using Glory Stones.

14. Adjusted the available time for Lost City to every Tuesday.

15. Returning Agent Wilcom Beck now gives a new LV88 Gear Pack "Gear Gift: Leaf Dance" for Rangers
Rangers above LV90 can go to the NPC to collect a pack for free. The gift is one per character.

16. Adjusted the safe zone in Pyrowrath Village in the Guild War map Sea of Oblivion: there will now be a PK limit after respawning or teleporting back to Pyrowrath Village.

17. Character Creation optimized
Added the descriptions of various talents for each class

18. Jobs optimized
a) Miner
i. Modified the Extravagant Lamp and its light effect
ii. Now you can freely change the light effects for already lit lamps
b) Botanist
Added the Fragrance gameplay: players can take the quest from Botany Tutor in Nightfall Citadel and purchase the needed materials.

19. Bonus adjustment
Added new rewards to Bonus-Refine: you can spend a Shylia's Favor to exchange for a LV2 Mount Combat Badge (7 days) each week.

20. Adjusted the available time for Lost City to every Tuesday.

21. Astroplane system
1) The level cap of Astroplane is increased to 70
2) LV110+ characters can take Morin's Bounty Order from Morin in Freedom Harbor once per day; complete it to get Astroplane Bead
3) The requirement to use Astroplane Key is changed to Astroplane LV70-84.

22. Increased the quest level of Claudius's Personal Order to 110; completion EXP is increased to 10000000000; added Relic Spirits and Advanced Runes to the rewards.

23. Arena adjustment
a) The cost for Resistance exchange is reduced from 5 1800 scores to 1
b) The exchanged reward for >2100 score is changed from LV1 Relic to LV2; the cost for this exchange is reduced from 2 daily scores to 1
c) The cost to exchange for Purple Scroll with >2100 score is changed to 1 daily score
d) The cost to exchange for Dark Gold Scroll with >2400 score is changed from 30G to 20G
e) The requirement to exchange for Heaven Phantom and Sky Ocean Duke Fashion is set to >2100/>2400; the cost is 18.88 Diamond
f) With 1800/2100/2400 Daily Score, you can get a Astroplane Dust/Astroplane Spar/Astroplane Bead for free
g) With 2100 Daily Score, you can trade for Astral Reforge Stone
h) With 2400 Daily score, you can trade for a bound Flame Crystal

24. Battlefield adjusted
Added the exchange using Battlefield Points for Legendary Accessory Fragment (Flame Crystal, Spellbound Sandgrit) and Dark Gold Scroll

25. Master Instance adjusted
a) Adjusted the wheel lottery reward: greatly increased the change to get Order gear
b) The Spellbound Sandgrit reward in the final Wheel Lottery reward is now bound.
c) The mount restriction in Master Instance "Home Base of Kagal" is changed to allow using ground mounts.

26. Pet Journey adjusted
Adjusted the required Companion Points and time for some of the Pet Journey quests: the required Companion Points will be less, and the time duration will be shorter.

27. Event Time adjusted
a) the night Battlefield time is changed to 18:00-20:00
b) the end time of weekend Arena is set to 15:00-17:00 (3v3) / 15:30-17:30 (6v6)

28. Team Instance Optimization
The weekly reward of Source of Sin Prelude Normal mode is changed to Lv2 Relic Spirit Mark (Bound) x10.

29. Optimized LV33+ Wing Charge attributes

30. The Lv1 Flare Gembox from the rewards of the following events is changed to Lv2 Ghastly Flare Gembox
a) Benefits: Base Construction
b) [Arena] Qualified Competitor
c) [Arena] Glory of Victory
d) Kalaires region Adventurer quests

31. Era changed
a) Started new Era: Galaxy Era; In the new Era, LV40-104 players have 100% extra EXP gain;
b) For all previous Eras that have 100% extra EXP gain, the require level to receive this effect is lowered to LV40.

32. Account Stash is removed
a) Access to Account Stash has been removed
b) For players who have already extended their Account Stash, they will get Soul Leaves with equal value to the Bank Extension their have cost. The compensation can be collected from the Bank Staff in Nightfall Citadel.

33. Bag Extension
a) All players can spend the required number of Bag Extension to extend their Bag to 168 slots;
b) VIP 7 (Supreme VIP1) players can extend their Bag to 192; VIP 8 (Supreme VIP2) players can extend to 222 slots; VIP 9 (Supreme VIP3) players can extend to 252 slots.

34. Mount Gear optimized
a) Horseshoes can be used as Smelt materials; the EXP gained from the Smelting is the item's base EXP multiplied by a factor; different qualities of Horseshoes have different factors. Even if a Horseshoe that have not received EXP contains a small number of EXP, and can be used as material. Using Horseshoes as Smelt materials will not activate new attributes; only using ordinary Smelt materials can activate new attributes.
b) Added new exchangeables to Mount Gear Smelt Material Exchange: you can use green materials to trade for special materials that can be used to give Horseshoes a lot of EXP; it costs coins; the amount of cost coins is equal to the cost of Smelt using ordinary materials.

35. Adjusted the exchange content from Dar Giugo in Nightfall Citadel

Skill Adjustments
a) Rain Fall is now a 3-hit skill
b) The talent Lethal Aim now makes Brute Strike has a 25%/50%/75%/100% chance to Silent the target for 2 seconds
c) Lunar Blessing's cast time is reduced; the effect to double the cast time of attacking skills is removed; its duration is shortened; its 100 Energy effect is changed to increase Crit Chance by 25%, Crit Damage by 25%, and controlling effect immunity duration by 10 seconds;
d) The stun time of Hunting Season is changed to 3 seconds; added an effect to absorb nearby Wrath Orbs when cast. Its 100 Energy effect is to grant a 24% final damage mitigation within 30 seconds of casting Hunting Season;
e) Concentration's cast time is reduced;
f) Added an effect to Blade Dash: after casting the skill, quickly moves to the target;
g) Shackle's Ensnare duration is increased to 6 seconds

Ranger-Nature Talent:
a) Lotus Seclusion's cast time is reduced from 2 seconds to 0.8 second
b) Added the skill description for Jungle Guardian's summoned creature.
c) Jungle Guardian's Total Armageddon skill cast time is changed to once per 2 seconds; the Protector Mark's chance to mark targets is increased with the skill level; when there are 5 layers of marks, it will stun the target for 3 seconds
d) Earth Recovery's cast time is reduced from 3 seconds to 2 second
e) Level cap of Jungle Twist is increased to 4; the Slow effect is reduced from 10% per level to 5% per level; its duration is changed to 1.5 seconds, increasing by 0.5 second more per level; max number of stackable layers is increased to 5
f) Petal Shower's effect is adjusted:
i. Elf Ranger: lowers Shackle's cooldown by 15 seconds per level; it also inflicts a Disarm effect for 1 second, increasing by 0.5 second per level.
ii. Demon Ranger: reduces the cooldown of Final Act by 30 seconds per level; increases the bonus Base Attack by 15% per level
g) Phantom Bud effect is adjusted:
i. Elf Ranger: the effect to reduce healing effect can be stacked up to 3 layers
ii. Demon Ranger: named changed to Snake Bud; its effect is changed from lowering healing effect to make Snake Stamen has a 20% chance per level to stun target for 2 seconds
h) 100 Energy effect:
i. Dyos Virtue: added the effect that Earth Recovery grants the target immunity to control for 1 second once per 4 seconds.
i. Nyos Virtue: added the effect that Earth Recovery grants the target invincibility for 1 second once per 4 seconds.

a) The talent Dance Maestro is changed: after reaching 10 layers of Wind Dancer, the next Wind Skill's base damage is increased by 10%
b) the duration of the talent Wind Dancer is reduced to 6 seconds
c) Blood of the Weak's cooldown is changed to 150 seconds
d) Hostility's effect to lower target's Defense is increased to 6% per level

a) Soul of the Land is changed: it can be cast ignoring controlling effects; cast range is increased to 6 meters
b) The talent Mass Taunt's Silence effect duration is changed from 3 seconds to 1 second

a) Removed the restriction that Blood Control can only be used in non-combat status; Removed the restriction that attacking skills can not be used in Blood Control status.
b) The talent Hellfire Pulse is changed: its stun chance is changed from 40% to 30%; the target's immunity duration is changed from 6 seconds to 4 seconds
c) Charmed Strike can now be cast ignoring controlling effects.
The talent Felblaze is changed: core skills including Inferno Bat, Flash Flame, Hellfire Death and so on are kept; DPS, survivability, control, and support capabilities are greatly improved;

Vampire-Inferno Talent:
a) Flash Flame, Hellfire Death, and Hand of Flame's attack range is changed to 18 meters.
b) The talent Underworld Scorching's effect to increase Flash Flame's base damage by 5% x6 is changed to 10% x6.
c) The Fire Controlling Power's effect to increased Fire Mastery by 25 x2 is changed to 50 x2.
d) The chance for Flash Flame and Hellfire Death to inflict Flame Curse is increased from 15% to 50%.
e) Hasted Hellfire's effect to increased Hellfire Death's base damage is increased from 15% x3 to 20% x3.
f) At Nyos Energy 70, each layer of Heartfire increases Hellfire Death's base damage by 5%; after activation, each point of Energy increases base attack by an additional 0.5% per layer.
g) At Dyos Energy 70, Flash Flame has a 40% chance to grant a Heartfire status to yourself; after activation, each point of Energy increases the chance by 2%.
h) Reduced Hellfire Death's cooldown by 1 second.

Additional Changes:
a) The Inferno Bat status will be canceled after switching map or Realm.
b) Fire Controlling Power's duration is increased to 30 seconds.
c) the talent Flash Bat is adjusted: after using Inferno Bat, the first time you use Gale Wings, there is a 40/60/80/100% chance to cast without cooldown.
d) the talent Agile Bat is adjusted: in Inferno Bat form, base skill damage is reduced by 30%/20%/10%
e) Nyos Virtue: Added the effect that with 90 Energy, you get a layer of Heartfire once per 3 seconds in Inferno Bat form;
f) At 100 Nyos Energy: added the effect that Heartfire will not be consumed in Inferno Blessing status
g) At 70 Dyos Energy: the effect for Flash Flame to grant Heartfire is canceled; instead, each layer of Heartfire increases Hellfire Death's Crit Damage by 5%; after activation, each point of Energy increases Crit Damage by an additional 0.5%
h) At 90 Dyos Energy: added the effect that Flash Flame has a 75% chance to grant you a layer of Heartfire
i) At 100 Nyos Energy: added the effect that Heartfire will not be consumed in Inferno Blessing status.

a) the Awakening Skill "Magic Meditation(Dark)" is adjusted: its damage absorbing shield can absorb 16% xMax MP per level
b) When red Energy reaches 100, Fire Shield increases Crit Chance by an additional 10%
c) the talent Reflex Mirror is adjusted: it now reduces Accuracy by 6 per level, and can stack up to 5 layers; its duration is now 6 seconds
d) the talent Evoke is adjusted: it now increases your Crit Damage by 5%, and can stack up to 10 layers

a) Blade of Sorrow: the effect to reduce damage taken is increased to 60%; after casting this skill, you gain immunity against most controlling effects for 5 seconds
b) Imperiling Hack: the additional damage is further increased

a) Wither: the effect to reduce target's Crit Defense is increased to 20%
b) Soul Eater (Dark): it now receives the Crit Chance bonus effect from Prayer of Frost
a) added an effect to Divine talent - Wisdom at 100 Energy: when casting Primal Soul, you will not be Silenced
b) Angelic Harmony: casting time is reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds;
c) Angelic Harmony: added an effect that the healing target receives a charge to mitigate incoming damage for once. The mitigated amount of damage is equal to 100% of the healing amount. This effect only applies once per 10 seconds;
d) changed Elf Priest talent "Advent" and Human/Lycan Priest talent "Angelic Blessing": added an effect taht Angelic Harmony can absorb damage with an amount equal to 150%/200%/250% of the healing amount;
e) Rebel talent: Human Priest's Magic Prism talent is changed to Retribution; its effect is when in Natural Protection or Heal status, base damage of Light attack is increased by 5%/10%/15%/20%/25%;

a) Awakening Divine Uphold (Dark): it now increases Crit Damage by 8% per level, plus a 3%
b) Talent Skill - Sacrifice: bass damage is increased by 10%
b) Slash Storm: the additional damage is further increased

i. Thrust of Slaughter: the effect to reduce target's healing effect received is changed from 80% to 40%
ii. Blazing Revenge: the damage taken reduction effect can stack up to 6 layers instead of 10
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