Broken Female Fashion



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    The panties remain exchanged because of the censorship that exists in the other version of the game, but the GM Sailor Mu informed a temporary way to solve this:

    I'm posting here for everyone who wants to use it too.
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    My gear wont display
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    When i put clothes on my character it defaults to their underwear instead of showing the clothes on them. And yes I am putting the clothes on my character and not taking them off. I looked up this issue online and the only resolution i found was to go to the SystemSetting file and change the "EnableCommonPants" value from a 0 to a 1. Unfortunately my systemsetting file does not have the "enablecommonpants" value at all. As a matter of fact there's nothing in the SystemSetting file that says anything about clothing or my character. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?
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    use this :smile:

    MAKE A COPY/BACKUP of Original File then put this one into the folder. Should work :)
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    My gear also won't display. Only having this problem with chest and legs slot. New account, new character. Only time I get anything other than underwear is when I have nothing equipped. Human priest female model.
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    forsakenworld->Rolesettings>SystemSetting(uncheck read only)>Enable commonpants = 0
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    i have had the same issue, used the fix as above, pants showing now but my chest piece is still being displayed as the underwear
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    Unfortunately it doesn't work for me, still underwear. Anoyone has any idea how to fix this? Kinda annoying.
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    It worked, thank you very much, ichdumm!
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    ichdumm that also worked for me thank you soooo much :D
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    wait for game update it prolly will fix it.

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    iorrans said:

    wait for game update it prolly will fix it.


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    i tried went threw changed it to 0 but not letting me save it saying meed permission or see an admin
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    i tried went threw changed it to 0 but not letting me save it saying meed permission or see an admin

    You need to move the file out of program files (x86) folder (or program files if it's there for some reason), modify it, save it, then move it back into the forsaken world_en folder location where you found it.
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    Thanks a lot, Ichdumm! It worked out just fine for me. I just began to play and I was really uncomfortable with running around in my char's underwear. tyvm <3
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    Been curious what happened to FW the past few years, so I decided to take a peek and maybe even play a bit. I own a crapload of fashion but mostly ALL of them are broken and don't show anymore. There are only a few pieces that actually show up when I wear them and don't leave me naked. Not sure if that has happened anywhere else and since I just returned I don't wanna dig through threads. Thanks! :3

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