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Eyrda (PvP East) How I PK

I absolutely love pking. I wouldn't of joined a pvp server if I didn't love it. I've thought about maybe calling out in world, saying something like. Can someone help me with this quest please. Then luring them into the wilderness and killing them violently. I haven't done this yet. I learned that you can normally find people either on the hour- catching pets, or anywhere in the vicinity of mainline quest areas. I haven't seen a single person ever collecting herbs in the wilderness, but I do it. Haven't seen people mining in the wildy, but I do that and I know that people do. Yup it's not as easy as it use to be, dropping over to SoO and having at least ten people there killing each other on the edge of town.

I never pk people that I know are botting, or i'll try to get them into a convo before I atk. A couple times I had my pet kill someone cause they were lvl 100 or less and I could tell. They were my Inferior!!
lvl 110 wind mage, lvl 100 purple non set gears() 10k attack, 6k Def, 107k hp & 109k mp. (I can't even beat HR yet, lvl 50 fml)
How do/ How would you pk someone if you really wanted to? Would you ever do anything shady like lure them to their death?
Eyrda (PvP) East
Lvl 110 wind mage (human) - Godifer - Born Nov 2017 -
botany 9(Max), alchemy 9(Max), chef 10(Max), fish 7 (Max), soc 6, mine 9, adv 5, tame 2, merchant 1, salvage 9(Max), wep&armor smith 6, jewel 1.
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