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glacial priest "passive" stun

juehammerjuehammer Posts: 30 Arc User
i remember reading something about this in a spreadsheet of translated cn patch notes a while back but cannot seem to find it. can somebody explain how the "passive" stun (enemy gets stunned when attacks you, similar to prots) effect work? what triggers it? i've experienced it couple of times when fighting glacials but nobody seems to be able to give any information about this (some people even doubt it even exists).


  • longschwanzerllongschwanzerl Posts: 59 Arc User
    I think it happens while prayer is up (the buff that boosts your crit and stuff) but I'm not entirely sure.
    Should've ask your question in general discusssion, tho. Since hardly anybody ever replies in class discussions.
  • divinityscarletdivinityscarlet Posts: 63 Arc User
    Are you sure that's not frost shield? Most priests can get it because it's 1 point of energy in nature, but its chance of activating is increased based on how high your nature is. This buff, when activated, results in an attacker getting ensnared/silenced for a few seconds. It's triggered by using water skills and will be applied on two attacks.

    If it's anything else then I'm not sure, but that's the first thing that came to mind.

  • juehammerjuehammer Posts: 30 Arc User
    I'm 100% sure, because it happens when the priest isn't even attacking (e.g. when I'm coming from behind in ffs with no one else around or similar situations). I also remember reading about the effect in one of the older translation spreadsheets for CN patch notes (it was a huge google drive document with lots of pages, i think for multiple expansions). However I can't seem to find the spread sheet anymore.. only one I found was the one for the latest expansion, but I'm somewhat sure it was made in the same patch the prayer of frost (or whatever it's called) was changed to boost crit chance instead of attack (if i remember it correctly).
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