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Freedom Harbor Vengence?

padawan1padawan1 Posts: 66 Arc User
OK, I know FH is open now and everyone can get there through the normal path however, I still have a quest to level my faction with FH and no longer find that you there is even a FH Vengence to teleport to... or am I just missing something here?! Don't all hate me at once for this question :) and thank you to any who can help <3


  • wwwolf1233wwwolf1233 Posts: 2 Arc User
    things i would love to see come back is free fashion for one but also the clown that had you poping balloons also another thing when you earn a title from quest why not make them flash different colors .then there is learning to dance but i have to say i dont like purfume what i would really like to see is all social skills in a learning stage from a tutor where they give you a quest to do something in return doing it you get a free action
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