Awakening change bug. Will it ever be fixed?!

lakebodom#5597 Posts: 1 Arc User
Once i lvled up to get Awakening, i have chosen Dark awakening, then i decided to change it to Light. Here is the bug after i have changed the awakening, i`m NOT getting awakening points for competing Frostgale Fjord and Challenge daily quests on 4 days: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and vice versa, i ONLY get poibts doing the same on 3 days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
How could they EVER let the awakening change compass(1200 leaves!!) to sale if there is a bug!! And if this bug were known, it is very mean to let also that compass sell. And didnt they REALLY know about this bug/problem??

The Question is: Will it ever be fixed??!