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Conducting of gaming events and keeping order on the servers.

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When playing in the world held a variety of activities.Some of them have used a Guild or group of people.Attended events in which each player had to prove himself as a person to prove himself as a hero who deserves a good reward. All of these events introduced the game and gave each player the incentive to become stronger and pay more attention to the weaknesses of the character . Also please pay attention to the fact that there were a large number of contests where players could display their talents . After all, each server ,each Guild has a player who is able to draw a picture , put a piece of themselves, to show their talent in playing musical instruments or to compose a short story, poem, etc. All this gave the game more life and meaning. If something like this will interest You , I'll be very happy to do the organization and conduct of events the calendar of events is ready , every event is thought out and spelled out the rules for them.
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