Wbs for achievements missing?

blazder Posts: 295 Arc User
Just trying to complete achievemnts on alt out of boredom, there are bosses i cant find in U, that are needed for achievements ( like shadow thief or ironjaw king), are those just missing from game and they never changed the achievement, or where can i find them? Thanks.


  • eberg33k
    eberg33k Posts: 772 Arc User
    Yes some are missing. I believe both of the ones you listed are not in game, same for Mayes. There might be one more missing, can't remember.
    Anyways, it's an issue that's been around since vengence was released. It's been reported, devs don't give ****. Don't hold your breath on getting those achieves anytime soon.
    On the subject of achieves, the fortify 1-19 gear doesn't work as it should either, there's a way to get it but don't remember atm. Another issue devs ignore.