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Cannot delete/sell item that I can't use

dm08dm08 Posts: 9 Arc User
I cannot sell/destroy this item. Can you please add a way to remove this from my bag? :'(


  • dm08dm08 Posts: 9 Arc User
    @anole300%25235837 can you try to help in any way please?
  • gvangvan Posts: 97 Community Moderator
    edited June 2017
    Is it your first time getting this item or second? if first it's needed to upgrade your anima shelter. This item cannot be destroyed however if you go to Bloodskull and exchange it with Ankala Din for an Anima shard: Shelter, the Anima shard can be destroyed in its place.
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  • dm08dm08 Posts: 9 Arc User
    Thank you so much, that worked =)
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