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Scheduled Maintenance Tonight - 5/16/2017

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 805 Perfect World Employee
Maintenance will be occurring tonight at 23:00 PST.

The Soul Power multiplier is currently only applying to monster kills, this will be changed to also apply to quests. There are some backend updates, along with a server reset as well.

We expect the maintenance to last approximately 3 hour, the servers will be unavailable during this time.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience!


  • driftingdethdriftingdeth Posts: 47 Arc User
    hope some ofit includes the inheritors 2nd soul tree glitch , and wardens seeing chinese text in medium lionheart daily camp
  • swordheartzswordheartz Posts: 6 Arc User
    plz dont break arena plzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • eberg33keberg33k Posts: 772 Arc User
    Thank god, my backend could really use a few updates.
  • utahaltutahalt Posts: 404 Arc User
    Hope anniv orbs are in boutique!!!
  • tottiietottiie Posts: 115 Arc User
    utahalt said:

    Hope anniv orbs are in boutique!!!


  • bustiossanchezbustiossanchez Posts: 2 Arc User
    challenge aprentice and master in chinese too :s
  • freeyaafreeyaa Posts: 523 Arc User

    hope some ofit includes the inheritors 2nd soul tree glitch

    nope, didn't happen.
    <mean, grumpy b!sh>
    Lycanella - Dyos
    Char deleted: 09/04/2017
  • deathgod123456deathgod123456 Posts: 303 Arc User
    edited May 2017
    sad day arena doesnt work
  • known2figuresknown2figures Posts: 129 Arc User
    Yay broken stuff!
  • elisha2elisha2 Posts: 363 Arc User
    PM chat still not work :s

    Illyfue / NewOrder /3/2011 to date
    _Lucinka_ light bard
    ElinaMais sleet (ice) dragoon
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