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Kentucky Derby Community Event Poll - RESULTS!

anole300#5837 anole300 Posts: 665 Perfect World Employee
edited May 2017 in General Discussion
The Kentucky Derby took place over the weekend on Saturday (May 6th). Before Saturday’s festivities unfolded, many players cast their vote for which horse they thought would win. After tallying all the votes, Girvin was the community’s chosen horse – with almost 25% of the total votes cast.

The track was wet after a few days of rain, but the sun was out for the race itself. The sloppy track did not deter one of the favorites though, as Always Dreaming went on to win!!

While Girvin did not win, there were many players that took part and cast their votes in this unique event, so we want everyone to have a drink on us! The Kentucky Derby’s official drink is the Mint Julep, but we can’t give out alcohol so… we’re giving out a drink that helps quench your thirst for experience!

The following code is good for one “Delicate Gift” – which includes 1 x Bloodstone II gem and 10 x Sweet Dreamland:


This code expires on May 15th and can only be redeemed once per account! Enjoy!

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