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Warden Moon Eater Tree

wolfenstormwolfenstorm Posts: 135 Arc User
After much consideration, this has become my tree thus far. It is the DPS tree.

By all means, recommend changes, though they may not be taken into consideration.

Moon Pulse 5/5
Moon Brilliance 5/5
Adept Swordsplay 3/3
Arc Slash 4/4
Glow of Resurrection 3/3
False Vision 4/4
Night Mirage 4/4
Lunar Obliteration 4/4
Phantom Wings 3/3
Moon Wane 3/3
Ethereal Lotus 3/3
Crystal Clear 3/3
Universal Principle 3/3
Lunar Razor 4/4
Ritual of Dawn and Dusk 5/5
Bleak Inferno 1/1

I have extra points to spend, not sure where they will go yet.


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