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  • djkorndjkorn Posts: 25 Arc User
    So, ill try to explain some of the concerns from the side of a developer and programmer. As a veteran myself, playing since 2010 i can remember the roll back that damn near caused the whole GD internet to explode.

    When you have programming code, the code is to execute in the way that it is designed and written. Loop counters especially are supposed to prevent the "exploit" by saying that once a certain action has been triggered, it adds a +1 to the loop counter, and whatever the loop counter is set to, will exit that block of code upon hitting the specified mark. However, as i have seen people filling their bags with lvl 3 gems and other things, its clear that the loop counter is not functioning. Only one major problem with roll back is this:

    If the block of code used to create the loop counter and this function isnt patched, roll back will prevent nothing as the error code still exists in the system. So rolling back is like sticking a penny in the light socket..... it wont actually fix anything, and now you're more pissed after the fact.

    What they need to determine, is what block of code is tied to the HR rewards, and what other blocks of code will be affected if they make any patches to it. if you fix one thing, it could adversely affect other bigger things.

    But all in all, the exploit is BS. i have farmed, begged, and bribed/paid off guild leaders for all the gear and things i have. And now to watch people who dont CS at all, and hardly play surpass me and other vets? Yeah total **** for sure. But maybe the above will give a small insight into what the underlying issue is.

    And yes, im prepared for the QQ posts after this. After all, if you arent hated you arent doing it right.
  • gvangvan Posts: 96 Community Moderator
    Since the X-server issue has been fixed I'm closing this topic. If they decide to hand out punishments or address it in any way the staff will post something about it.
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