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Mr.Keebler update 2

forsakeneverforsakenever Posts: 16 Arc User
i dont like to spam forums and stuff. But i also dont like too see a player who must wait ,and have patience to have his char back,just cuz FW is unable to resolve this issue. GUYS..WAKE UP , so many months since he cannot use his char . your '' a few houndred of dollars'' is not enough. The man dont want dollars He want his char back. His char is a main point for many new incomers. He spend time and energy and dollars for helping ppl to have fun in FW. You should care more,mr.FW. .... Is not Me..but is about all the peeps who love Mr.keebler. Dude is a legend on Nyos server. Dont **** our legend pls... FW is a great platform...act like big guys,pls,. Forget about bussines and **** for 1 second pls. Tink about what WE need before thinking at all the rest. WE WANT MR.KEEBLER BACK. WE DONT NEED NOTHING ELSE BUT HIM. PLS,FW...GIVE HIM BACK TO US...WE CARE.


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