Events with good prizes that are actually fun



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    At this point, reading it as "taking into consideration the true actual state of the game", nothing can be done, anymore.

    Sure, some palliative, but nothing more. Aimed to let cashers think the game is alive and worth their money for little longer.

    Let's not forget game is made to gain money as much as possible, reading it as "milking all way straight to drying up all they can", so their primary target are cashers. We never miss a weekly Boutique update, always followed by Promos.

    Yes, it's kinda imbarassing, but it's like that.

    We complained already a lot, never been heard.

    So, take it like a second tier pasttime game.

    Only for few is the main resource of fun...
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    Personally speaking, I like that there are different types of events/competitions.
    Not all of them are for me, but the ones that I don't take part in, I still find interesting
    to follow and see the results of.

    If my personal circumstances were different atm, this current one would definately
    be one I would enjoy, as I get a real kick out of leveling up a toon.

    I also very much enjoy the 'Arty' competitions. Again, I don't always take part,
    but I love seeing the creativity of our community. It makes no difference to me
    whether the person shows perfect skill (although as an artist myself I certainly
    appreciate it) or whether it is an unskilled drawing....the pleasure for me is seeing
    peoples creativity, their ideas. The same applies to the recent creative writing
    type contests.

    I play this game as a recreation, to enjoy myself and spend time with people that,
    over the years, have become friends. Events and competitions, albeit sometimes
    frustrating, on the whole enhance my enjoyment of the game.

    Whether these events are ones I choose to participate in, or not, I do recognise
    and appreciate the time and effort that Domino and the team put into creating
    them and I hope that they continue to do so.

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  • senrin
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    Besides the fact those "events" are just supposed to be something "extra".

    Game should be enough "good time rewarding" alone.
  • vilikrie1
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    I agree, I play here for the game itself and to be with friends.

    Events/competitions/giveaways are not neccesary to my enjoyment and I would be here, with or without them, until such time as I'm no longer enjoying the game.

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    You, this is me, message.
    LOL you derps, lvl 80 + in the first 4 hrs if u split a daily reset. The rest takes an hour or two per day to place in rankings. (A level 4 even made the list). They even set it up to include two game weeks so we can mash out 2 sets of 7 PO. Too bad you didn't take 10 mins to register, then see how it plays out. It is fun, mostly because we are meeting people from across the FW world that we never would have, and we are actually even building the community... hmmm.
    But, for all the other stuff, I agree we could use player-style-specific competitions. Something for end gamers/pvpers, something for casuals, etc. We already have plenty of events for cash shoppers (raises hand). I think it would be great for the community whine/moan factor to initiate interactions that do not require (or seem to require) extreme time commitments, extreme spending, or whatever else is typical in the mmo world these days. Used to be you could randomly log into whatever game and find some kind of simple and
    easy-to-jump-into event. Although I understand there is a lot of effort, planning and 'other' that goes into the events that we do have, and I understand many of our programming issues stem from the original server community's whine/moan factor, I also think that simple and quick events where prizes aren't treated as if they are
    rare treasures sought after by the rich and powerful
    (for crying out loud, it's all digital trash)
    could be executed and concluded succesfully with a far less bulky burden placed on the staff.

    On a side note, for those of you casually tossing out "No-Lifers" and other less interesting terms in a demeaning way...
    Some of us out in this tiny little world are stuck in various stages of physical incapacitation due to what we have done to support society in one way or another. People work hard, play hard, or fight hard in the name of success, and sometimes they break. It's not just no-lifers that have time, but also people that have already lived more of a life than some of you can even imagine. Just a thought, hoping to provoke more thought. No attack or confrontation intended.
    You this is me, out.