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Arena gear

putkiputki Posts: 32 Arc User
edited January 2017 in Marksman Discussion
Anyone tried lv95 arena gears? Does it make different to survivality in pvp and are we still able to kill something? xD

1shot most ppl with champ gears but i die very easily aswell so im wondering if i should try arena gears instead on pvp. Depends ofc if arena isnt broken again after maintenance

edit: nvm, they closed arena again so i can go back to full-time-slacking-mode
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  • jespervestman12jespervestman12 Posts: 93 Arc User
    arena is fixed and works fine and its here to stay,

    and abute arena gear yes its the best gear to aime for pvp only.
    with right build u can deal good damge and tank anyone.
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