Arc Streaming issue in game

tomycro0 Posts: 83 Arc User
Whenever i try write capital s while i am loged in Forsaken world w/o arc it open me window of arc streaming settings. Does anyone know how to disable that or what i should do with it?
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  • amarantos
    amarantos Posts: 3,067 Arc User
    bind the stream hotkey to a different combination of keys or don't use arc altogether.
  • tomycro0
    tomycro0 Posts: 83 Arc User
    did that before you answered but thank you anyway :))
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  • mrjuu
    mrjuu Posts: 134 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    yo who the fook comes up with these stupid **** ideas for ARC?

    actually, who the hell came up with ARC itself? what a **** platform.

    lets make shift+s pop up some stupidass sht window that blocks your sht out of nowhere, with no warning.

  • armenthys#4925
    armenthys#4925 Posts: 321 Arc User
    Press shift + s (ironically) to open the settings and change the bind where it says "Change Active Key" for something that doesn't bother you.
  • uniti
    uniti Posts: 43 Arc User
    Anytime i use a capital "S" that damn interface opens, if i use arc. Totally avoiding arc at this time. Please tell the powers that be, this "streaming platform" is not wanted, nor needed.
  • chibizombie89
    chibizombie89 Posts: 159 Community Moderator
    Once you open the menu, it gives the option to change the key binding as Alwanr stated. I edited mine to something that I know would not be used (Shift+ keypad+).

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  • lordmasaka
    lordmasaka Posts: 39 Arc User
    I had to rebind mine to ctrl + n, but I didn't find out about the change until halfway through a round of 12s. Why isn't there an option to disable the arc overlay entirely for those that still want to use it (God knows why) to play this game? It doesn't make sense that you've created a change that forces EVERY player using arc to deal with on such a commonly placed key binding.

    Get it together. We put money into your company and instead of fixing our games, you keep coming out with this trash that no one even wants.