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Base post thing?

yosiasyosias Posts: 119 Arc User
so, apart from the financial officer thing and base interior one, what do the other two do?
like 3 years being a guild leader and i honestly have no idea
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  • gio#4911 gio Posts: 790 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Well as far as i know,

    Min. thing or Priest of the base is usually given to guild lead so he can do either financial officer or base/house interior but he can share that with vices etc... since its only allowed for one member to have it, the CDR i dont think its avaiable yet since i could never atribute it to anyone and it displays a greyish area which i believe probably not avaiable yet or not added, but found this old information on a site aparently its the Commander: in charge of war between base forts, now wonder what that is even.

    from everythingforsakenworld.blogspot.pt/2010/10/guild-base-information.html

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  • yosiasyosias Posts: 119 Arc User
    oh so the priest thing is for something? i have been with no base post and still can activate anything as a guild lead o.o
    Isock-Soul marksman since 2011
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