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Escort Dusk Melee



  • anyadpicsajaanyadpicsaja Posts: 226 Arc User
    details details, NM should be doable fairly easy without any 1 shot/nearly 1 shot attack to let people learn without wipes and get used to the tactics, let them see how others survive a certain attack and prepare them to the real deal.
    Im gonna overreact but currently it looks like this:

    NM:"Ups u sneezed in the wrong time, the whole Raid wipes"
    HM: "Ups, u blinked in the wrong time, the whole Raid and all your guild members outside the raid drop dead and even your unborn children will hate u for it, oh and the boss have slightly more HP and attack"

    It should work like this instead:
    NM: "Ups you made a mistake, you just lost 90% HP and a debuff which grants you (and only you) death the next time u **** up, if u die the boss gets a buff 10% more dmg"
    HM: "Ups, you made a mistake= too bad you are dead, still your friends can continue fighting with the boss (which is already stronger and have more HP than NM) but with the usual 10% more dmg "

    Oh and BTW Storm finally did ToD95 so we suck less now o/ , but i still say its way TOO HARD like everything is BEYOND 90, which is CONFIRMED BY DOMINO himself.

    Quote from another thread:

    "Let's clear the air on the escort events. First of all, yes we understand that the 95+ content is on the increasingly difficult side. The Freedom Harbor escort was initially devised due to the feedback we got from the community as a way to get the more squishy players back to Freedom Harbor.

    It for all intents and purposes was a resounding success. It brought people together, and everyone who participated felt like they were part of something grand. We got a lot of feedback from this too. Dusk Melee and TOD95. We knew they were very hard. We even had suggestions before launch that it may be too difficult. However they were not bug-able as they technically function as they should.

    So we thought it might be good to expand on the event and give everyone more of what they wanted. This is by no means the best solution. But it's the only one we have at the moment until we can request adjustments for the next expansion. What I do have now is data to support my argument."

    My only problem now is the time CN gonna wait till they get that fixed, we cant wait until next major content update for a simple dmg modification... If we wait until then, great,we can finally do 90+ stuff. But i bet the new instances will cause even more trouble cuz we are waaay behind in terms of power.

    All in all, FIX it o/
  • pinkette1#7450 pinkette1 Posts: 344 Arc User
    cool story if domino says it; we do it with around 8 main char and rest are alts. sometimes some char dies, and not all raid. normal mode is basicly shift z. domino says a lot of things that i disagree with. this is one of them. but hey, lets agree to disagree, i will let u beg for a super easy mode
    Hebergeur d'image
  • rendielrendiel Posts: 55 Arc User
    Rrie reaper lv 100
  • blueeys69blueeys69 Posts: 46 Arc User
    I'd like to join the run on Illufye today, but dont see any special post or list to sign up
  • botzlombebotzlombe Posts: 209 Arc User
    same here whats up with the registering post???
  • ste11ner#3749 ste11ner Posts: 3 Arc User
    edited December 2016
    Maybe they decided to make raid with peoples who was sign up on last illyfue post? :|
  • sie0rdiesie0rdie Posts: 3 Arc User
    DeadlyHarmony from Illyfue 21.12.2016
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