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Week of Thanks! What are you thankful for?



  • lawyer44lawyer44 Posts: 2 Arc User
    I am thankful for FW found my Love here <3 she my Sunshine <3
  • rainegoddessrainegoddess Posts: 6 Arc User
    I Am thankfull for my Family and Friends, the struggle we went thru this year. wiithout the sruggles this year it would not had made me and my daughter stronger and have a stronger bond then we have had this year. I Am most Thankfull for her and for making me a mommy. Sometimes i think it is her that is teaching me things from a childs eye. She is a very bright happy artistic Child. She can sing, draw -her drawing skills are amazing, cook and bake some things. She also does hair... I had Pictures to post but they would not post to here. I am also thankfull for our super crazy, fluffy, lovable tuxedo cat we adoped from the ASPCA this summer. His name is Ozzy and i got him for my daughter. I am Very thankfull to all the friends i have in game that are so supportive and a joy to be around and our loving GM that fight for us in game and to get things going back in the right direction for us gamers and all the hard work and help he has given so many of us. With Love RaineLaRue.

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