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Week of Thanks! What are you thankful for?



  • spranch#9869 spranch Posts: 1 Arc User
    Thankful my life is such that if i choose to move my coffee maker within reach of my computer so i can get to hot coffee during instances/raids i can!!
  • Most thankful for the upcoming food....Amen for bringin on the cheese potatoes!! Thats right...cheese potatoes, not au gratin. Amen for bringin on the cornbread dressing!! Thats right....southern style stuffin. Amen for bringin on the yeast rolls!!! Good eats to you guys!!!
  • Thankful for my animals...without them I would never get any exercise for spending time in forsaken tryin to get it all done. Specially thankful for the man in my life for being the kind of guy to give me a calf for Valentines Day. Also thankful to have the dumbest boxer ever! I know they tell me they are very smart dogs but I tell you, this one missed the bus.
  • The thing I'm most thankful for is my parents and my child. If God had given me the choice to pick my parents I could not have done as well as the ones he gave me. My father would do anything for his kids, yes..even get out at 3am to drive 3 hours to pick up rottweiler because he decided he didn't want to climb back up in the big truck. My mom raised me to always tune into what may be going on with others emotionally and to put others first. Sometimes this makes me invade into people's lives when its none of my business but it's only because she taught me to care about others. Due to the parents I have I care about whats RIGHT. I grew up getting woke up at 2am because family showed up and at that point depending on their whims we either all got up and played music all night or crashed and did it the next night. Jam sessions with family FTW. Thankful that due to my dad, I don't think there's anything that can't be fixed..and fixed by myself not by making a phone call. Thankful due to my parents I grew up poor and had a ball despite that, therefore never making the mistake of wasting my time trying to attain wealth with the assumption the lack of was the reason for unhappiness. Very thankful to have a daughter who is so unlike me. I wouldn't say she opposite of me but she is definately her own person. Very creative, very cute, very good mom to 3 wonderful grand chillrens. I may have only had one kid, but I had the bestest one!!
  • dennenappeldennenappel Posts: 133 Arc User
    I'm very thankful for two things in the game:

    In November I celebrated more than 4 years of friendship with these 2 crazy girls. We met in around 2011/2012 and since then we've stayed friends and share a lot of fun and also frustrations and sad things and stupid puns and hilarious jokes. Thanks Michin and torella!


    And in my real life I'm very thankful that I'm able to make my hobby into a real job and start my own business. Can't do this without everyone who supports me.

    Erzannah ~ lv100 divine priest (Nyos)
    member since 08/16/2011
  • angelheadangelhead Posts: 158 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    This year has been somewhat of a roller coaster for me, having the people I love going through some rough times with sickness and accidents. While not being able to fix everything really breaks my heart, I am truly grateful for all the people that stand by me both irl and in game.

    I’ll always be grateful to fw, I’ve been here since beta and made some amazing friends over the years. So to my friends and my wonderful guild, thank you for making me laugh and smile so hard my cheeks hurt :blush: thank you for the starfishes, bridgeladies, chicken dinners, europop, cornettos and chaaaaarge <3 You are awesome!

    - Freida, Illyfue
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    Freida ~ Inferno Vampire ~ Rohans
  • naughtyfairynaughtyfairy Posts: 9 Arc User
    This year I am thankful for:

    1) Misdiagnosis and wonderful doctors to set the record straight - My son does NOT have a life long crippling condition but a simple stress fracture.

    2) My Grandma - I am so grateful for all that you did for our family. I am so glad I knew you well into my adult life and that you knew your great-grandson as an almost teenager. I miss you so much and I know you are looking down on us from Heaven.

    3)This game - no matter how rough times get, I can still escape for an hour into a different world.

    4) This end of 2016. This was a hard year and I'm ready to greet 2017.

    Kaitie - Inferno Vampire
    Storm Legion Server

  • buffybombbuffybomb Posts: 182 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    So.. As someone who lives in Sweden I don't really know much about Thanksgiving, except that I'm supposed to be thankful for stuff. I decided to ask around in Eyrda about what people are thankful for, to get ideas for my post...

    Let's talk to Henry first, he's old, and probably wise.

    Okay, maybe not. Maybe I could ask Charlie, he's always good for information!

    Hmm, maybe Ayrshi knows something? Sure, she's a demon, but we shouldn't judge her for that.

    Uhm, moving on... Oh I know, I'll ask Sloth and Katherie, they've been together for so long, they should have some inspiring words about appreciating eachother.

    ..Ugh, I guess not. Hey, there's Meid, I could always ask her!

    ....I give up. WAIT! How did I not realize? I should ask Hugh! He's a hero and everything, I'm sure he'll have something for me!

    Nevermind. I guess none of these people know much about Thanksgiving. Huh, someone is calling my name. Maybe that person can help me!

    Fine, I'll just figure out what to say in my own words then.

    I'm thankful for a lot of things really. My family, my awesome cat, the friends I've made in this game.. The list goes on and on. But I guess what I'm most thankful for is that we all have things to be thankful for, and that we have a place to talk about those things. Not everyone has that. So I guess I'm thankful for being able to feel this thankful.

    Oh yeah, happy thanksgiving!

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  • I am very thankful for the full life of happiness and love that surrounds me. My family and I are blessed by God and could not have the full rich life that we have if not for him. I give thanks for everything in my life that is good and right.
  • tinaslobatinasloba Posts: 40 Arc User
    So much to thank. First to continue having my friends that I met in the game for so many years, my current partner who also met in the game. The painful and sad overcomes in real life that the game helped me do. Meet people every day in the game and in real life that later become long friendships.
  • squalerisqualeri Posts: 1 Arc User
    I'm thankful for everything good and bad, everything happens for a reason and we all have to be thankful for what we already have before thinking of what we don't.
  • elisha2elisha2 Posts: 363 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I am very thankfull for the help of real friends and game frinds and family who help me overcome bad time. When my parents die game friends to help me, I do not end up in a madhouse. Several friends from the game are also my friends in real life. They help me to survive. At the same time I am thankfull for help to rescue Hachiko. Thanks goes to my daughter, my husband, my friend veterinary doctor. Hachiko is a wild fox rescued from hunting. Here it is illegal, prohibited. Have to solve a lot of trouble and battle with the authorities. I am thankful for the help everyone who was not indifferent. I raise Hachi from 3 weeks on the bottle. And now look what he is now a beautiful fox who was destined to die during the hunt. I thank everyone around me who sometimes helped. (Sorry for my english not good, but the Czech language is so different)

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    Illyfue / NewOrder /3/2011 to date
    _Lucinka_ light bard
    ElinaMais sleet (ice) dragoon
  • jespervestman12jespervestman12 Posts: 93 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    I want to thank two people.
    First, it is I how hard I've worked, and patient and brave I have been.
    I do not really know how I managed it, but what I know I am here today as a completely different person
    and the next person I want to thanks, you will be told at the end of the story.
    This year is the year I came out of the closet.
    and that's when hell began.
    my parents did not accept.

    they tried everything that I would change,
    it dident work so they tried to hurt me (badly) then I decided to run away from home.
    during the time I was studying to be a nurse .same time that I worked in health care
    it was my dream since littel kid to help and take care off people.
    I felt hopeless, alone, my eyes dry out so much I cried every night.
    but I did not give up, I did everything I could to succeed.
    and become a better person than they were

    while in hell. I met the person I felt in love for.
    and I thought, finally. I began to feel happiness and hope but it dident last for long. that person trun up to be lier and just used me för sex.
    So it ended. and i moved on even more broken.
    my studies begin getting closer to end to be done ..
    and I could not fucus, , because off evrything that keep happens .
    day by day gose getting sader and dystoryd from inside but stronger and stronger same time.
    i found joy and keept my self calm while playing forsaken world
    and this because of the many friends that I got in the game.
    some have stopped playing and some remain.
    time passed and I chosed to follow it until today here i im far far away from all the hell and pain living in my own house and my study is done.
    and workning as nurse.
    but there is something that wont heal and wont stop follow me and its something inside off me that got broken in milion Peaces that will neve get fixed i cant even explaine what it is......!!
    and i do love my parents as nothing happend and i miss them evryday but i know that i can only do that from distans and for my self . and i wish that one day i get a call there i could hear mother voice telling come back home we are sorry.

    and and hope to evryone that going tru hard time dont give up keep youre head up and keep going its not worth it u liv once.

    try make oute the best off it. those who hurt you turn them youre back and go youre away where u finde youre happines. and this is just a peace of cake
    what i told you. one day i may write a book off my life when i feel ready for it to reach to as many as i can and help them be my book.

    i was alone and workd my self up but dosent mean all have to be like that i dont eve never want anyone go through this.

    or any thing else that hurt them from the inside oute. finely the Other person i wannted to thanks is Divillae that girl is angel shes the only person who helpt me through this
    all this what she did anyone can do but not many care or want to do.
    what Divillae did is write to me when i felt bad, was always there for me asked me how i felt easy things that anyone can do, yet none did not even my friends in real life.
    that girl is the girl who gave me strength, hope,happines all this hard thing i could not feel or get in real life i got it from her through a online game Forsken world.
    and that the person i want to thanks for being there for me with simpel word, care that maked me smile. and im happy that shes my friend , i realy wish you alll luck and good in life sweety.
    you are very rare person i can neve thank you enough <333
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  • This year I am thankful for having everything I need... Not everything I want... But everything I need. My health is ok... My children are doing well... I have a roof over my head and food in my belly... I have family and friends that I love dearly and would not trade for the world... This is what I am thankful for this year.
  • sepheria26sepheria26 Posts: 2 Arc User
    This year I am so very thankful to still be able to play such an awesome game with the same friends I have had for now on 5 years. It is amazing to see everyone grow and change as the yrs go by, but then still be the same wonderful people. I am thankful for my family who has supported me in all my adventures, and to a fantastic GM who works extremely hard to make things run smoothly, I hope to still be here come next Thanksgiving..
    Saph >:)
  • primisprimis Posts: 1 Arc User
    Im thankfull for my mom and my cat and my 2 kids and the rest of my family
  • This year I am grateful for the union that has had my family, for the good times that have been given but above all for the good things that still to come. And with respect to the game I thank you for the help you have given me to form and stay with my two main PJ IronHealth and FireHealth server Eyrda
  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,063 Arc User
    Today I am thankful that I am able to look forward to time spent with my 18 year old cat instead of looking back on the time I had with her. I know she's getting close to the end of her life span and has had the odd health issue here and there. I spent this past sunday very stressed out because she was throwing up a lot and unable to keep any solid food or even water down for the entire day and because of that got very weak and dehydrated, as well as having fluid buildup in her tiny kitty belly that made her uncomfortable. I didn't get to cuddle with her sunday night when I went to bed as we do every other night, and I spent the entire day at work today worried, knowing she was at the vet's office (which she hates) getting tests and x-rays done. My mom thought it finally might be her time and I was only imagining the worst outcome and what it would be like on thanksgiving dinner to think about how I would be thankful to have a pet for most of my life that I loved so much be gone. But I was very relieved to find out that despite having a tumor in her belly and most likely some form of cancer she is still hanging on strong, recovering well and will be coming home so I can go back to snuggling with her at night and watching her get up to greet me when I come home from work each day.

    I'm not a big people person and don't have many strong meaningful bonds with my family or other people but I love my cat more than anything and am so very thankful she gets to keep being a grumpy pain in my ****.

  • tripper53tripper53 Posts: 19 Arc User
    My thanks are for my beutiful wife of 35 years, our first grandchild, health in our family and overall safety of the nation in general. Thanks for one of the best GMs in any game I have played thus far.
  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    Im very greatful to my soulmate i met in this game over 4 years ago he helps and suport me like moore then anyone has im truly blessed meeting him he changed my life forever we got engaged this summer he gives me love and care and respect me and love me for me i live with a disorder that make me pull back from ppl sometimes and mood swings but he is there to comfort me hold my hand until it passes <3 and i want to thank my mom just beeing as mom should be she really steps upp if i need her <3 and to my two kittes cuddling with me when im sad or down <3 and im thankful to all in Fairytail you are all my second family love you all always making me smile laugh and giggles even if im down and how we are there for eatch other <3
    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • senrinsenrin Posts: 824 Arc User
    People say this game is a mess,

    but I find it more like a bless...

    Giving me fun and bliss

    that I will always miss!

    You can play alone

    the chair, your throne!

    Or destroy the evil mummy

    with - hey - you mommy!

    There's no other word

    that thank you, Forsaken World.

    It's Thankgiving's day!

    Come on, let's play!
  • majkel33majkel33 Posts: 89 Arc User
    I’m thankful for a amazing friends, supportive family and awesome teammates on the pvp team that make each day enjoyable. And also food. B)
  • iogik88#1869 iogik88 Posts: 1 Arc User
    What are you thankful this year?
    Answer me! After all, there are probably
    In the soul of the revelation,
    Who celebrates thanksgiving.
    All of us have something to test
    To anyone thanks.
    So let me and others know
    The belief in the best.
    Always have someone to send
    A letter with a note: "Thank you!".
    You should always believe and know
    To be grateful – that's the power.
  • biolitossbiolitoss Posts: 1 Arc User
    In sort of: thanks folks around to making a such community as it is
  • frostwar9010frostwar9010 Posts: 1 Arc User
    No se si acepten en otro idioma que no sea ingles..
    Yo estoy agradecido de muchas cosas este año, algunas relacionadas al juego, otras a mi vida personal.. pero pienso que cada detalle aunque sea mínimo debemos estar agradecidos, incluso cada minuto que seguimos vivos.
    La vida no es eterna como en los juegos donde las horas no pasan y siempre nos vemos igual, donde avanzamos volviéndonos mas fuerte cada vez, la vida nos demuestra que cada hora que pasa nos hacemos mas viejos, llega un momento donde la fuerza se va y solo queda lo vivido, la experiencia. Personalmente doy gracias por eso, por la vida, por seguir aquí respirando, conociendo gente, aprendiendo con la perdida de otros y haciéndome mas fuerte con los golpes que recibo hasta que comience la decadencia, supongo que para ese momento tendré la experiencia suficiente para no necesitar fuerza, solo mantenerme de sabiduría y apoyado por la gente que supe conocer en el transcurso de mi vida.
    Forsaken fue siempre un lugar de encuentro, fuente de amistades, un sitio donde no hay naciones ni fronteras.. en este lugar conocí mucha gente que quiero conservar y muchas otras personas que solo vivirán en el recuerdo de las aventuras vividas en un servidor de juegos.
  • jv1006jv1006 Posts: 2 Arc User
    I like to thanks the guy who had the idea of bringing back freedon harbor, players made so much memories in that place and its really nice to be there again, like play a lot of time listening the music that we use to listen (even if its 2 or 3 years ago) and having the chance of create new memories in that truly special place for us.
  • onistasisonistasis Posts: 35 Arc User

    My Daughter.

    I am thankful for the opportunity to see the sweet moments of childhood through the eyes of my daughter. Doing something for the first time, conquering a challenge, and being unabashedly silly are easy to forget about in the grown-up world.
  • heinesenheinesen Posts: 209 Arc User
    Im thankfull for what i have manege to do even when had some rough time in game , im thankfull for i have a friend who care abouth me and i know will catch me if i fall. I cant see a game life with out him. So im very thankfull for i have my in game hubby who is my best friend i know i can trust and will be there for me. Thank you for be there for me dear friend NekoPikko.
    Your in game wife Miriama
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