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Purify crystal

dancer6dancer6 Posts: 45 Arc User
How do i find the crystal detector and perify the crystal for the alcemy job????


  • chaosmailerchaosmailer Posts: 72 Arc User
    Should be in your inv ? Given by Luia as you got the quest.
    HI, DEVELOPERS !!! When will i get my 3% Critrate from the titel ?
    2 Month now + counting.
  • dancer6dancer6 Posts: 45 Arc User
    i got the purifyer but i need to find the crystal detector to get the crystal so i can purify it how do i find the detector
  • wuergmasterwuergmaster Posts: 161 Arc User
    if you got that quest simply right click on the tool given too you. In Chat you will see Information where to find.
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