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Hide and Seek this Thanksgiving!

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
Off in Winter Heights, old farmer Rick (no relation to the Toy maker Nick) was getting his farm ready for a lovely gathering of friends and family to give thanks for yet another successful year. Now Rick (like Nick) was no spring chicken, he needed help getting his affairs in order to welcome his guests. So he did what any old Eyrdean would do and sent a fox to his neighbor Nick asking for some help.

Nick was indeed a very special toy maker, but as the years drew on he too needed assistance. He had in his employ, several little helpers who wanted nothing more than to help the old man and bring joy to the world at large.

These Helpers were just the right people to help old farmer Rick, and they happily obliged… That is until they went on break.

Rick looked everywhere for the Helpers. They were nowhere to be found. Instead, he found a neatly folded envelope containing a letter written by tiny little hands. It read:

Dear Farmer Rick,

Good Ol’ Nick should have warned you at the start!
We Helpers though helpful do loves to play us some games.
Do you want to play a game?

We do!
So here goes; we’ve run off to the furthest corners of fair Oeste.
If you can find us, we’ll get back to work. If you can’t… Well there will be more than ONE
Thanksgiving Turkey when your guests arrive!

Yours Truly,

Little_Helper – Lionheart Server
Little_Helper_ - Storm Legion Server
_Little_Helper - Eyrda Server
_LittleHelper - Illyfue Server
LittleHelper_ - Nyos Server
lGwaeral – Dyos Server
Enelimm – Shylia Server

Rick felt he was at his wits end… He was old, frail, Out of Shape! How could HE possibly find the strength to venture across Eyrda and locate Nicks Helpers? He had only one option, see history repeat it’s self and break the 4th wall… Again.

“You there reading this tale! Yes you! I’ve got a Turkey in the oven, and chores to be done! Why if my family comes here and see’s this mess… Well my goose is cooked! Their names and servers are listed above, they love playing Hide and Go Seek, but Thanksgiving is upon us and we’re running out of time! You will help me? Good! Here’s what you need to know…

Nicks Helpers are crafty and mischievous, they will appear randomly in each of their servers on 11/17, 11/18, 11/21, 11/22, and 11/23. When they hide, they will announce their presence in World Chat. They could be ANYWHERE, but they will give a single clue as to where they might be.

From there, it’s up to you to find them.

The first three people to find the Helper will receive a code for a special festive Title!

Each time they start a Hide and Go Seek session, they will hide in 5 different locations per server. There will be up to 2 sessions per server, per day depending on just how frisky they feel. Sessions can begin at any time so be ready.

In past Hide and Seek Events, our helpers were so impress by those of you who found them that they’ve issued a challenge. They will be keeping tabs on who finds the Helpers the most.

The player who finds them the most Per Server will receive a very special and exclusive prize!

Please hurry up and find them, my family will be here any minute!”

Rick, no stranger to adversity went back to toiling away with his messy house, Vacuum Cleaner in one hand, dust rag in the other, and listening to the wonderful crooning of Rick Astley as he cleaned.


  • nickvvnickvv Posts: 340 Arc User
    edited November 2016
    A time table with at least an indication would be great, especially if we're counting a highscore through 4 days. We can't lurk at our PC's on workdays 24/7 but we can make time if we know around which hour you'll be coming :)
    Post edited by nickvv on
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