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Patch Notes v.741

thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
Arena Season 5.

• 3v3 and 6v6 scores will be reduced (not reset to 1000). This will help match players of similar strength in Season 5
• All arena points will be reset to 0
• The last 10 victories in 3v3 and 6v6 will be calculated separately
• Arena Score of players below Lv90 will be capped at 2099, 3000 for Lv90.
• New Rules of Arena Match are available, based on Role Properties, Arena Score, Arena Score Record, number of wins and role level.
• Improved Arena Season 4 Gear are able to be upgraded to Improved Arena Season 5 Gear.
• Players whose Arena Scores in Season 4 exceeded 1001 are qualified for respective rewards at Arena Manager Powell
• Season 5 Evolution Weapons are here!

Arena Season 5 Gear

[Possible Fix]
Arena queuing. Untested.

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