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Fashion Week! Eyrda's Next Top Model



  • missy0fshadowsmissy0fshadows Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    And here is my submission finally...


    Born on the Storm and raised into Glacial priest :blush: ... Shes kind and likes helping others... Sharing rum only with guildies, tho :naughty: ... Shes loyal and friendly, but with weard sense of humor, and if i may say fashion freak.
    And even tho i dont think she will be next Eryrda’s Top Model, it was really fun making those ss. Made me explore world more and by the end it was driving me crazy when I had to chose just 4 pics from millions I made :dizzy: jk... but it was close xD
    And i would like to thank a friend who made me do this even tho I almost gave up watching some of the other posts... and helped me set up pics in here(since I didn't know how) :neutral:

    My Glamour Photo:

    My hair
    Dark Thorn Coat
    Fallen Quill Stockings
    Fallen Quill Boots

    Secondary pics:

    Moon Scar Hat
    Summer Brandy Long Skirt
    some panties xD lets say Delicate Shorts coz idk what was it xD
    Sky Dancer Boots

    And my most beautiful form... And most usefull, save my life more times then I can remember:
    Primal Soul- My ****erfly Mode :D

    Fashion same as glamour photo:
    My hair
    Dark Thorn Coat
    Fallen Quill Stockings
    Fallen Quill Boots
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  • anyadpicsajaanyadpicsaja Posts: 226 Arc User
    edited August 2016

    Server: Storm
    Name: Ayumichan

    Used Fashions:
    Stormchaser Googles
    Fearless Warrioress Coat
    Phantom's Pants
    Fallen Quill Boots
    (Handheld Bad Kitty, but made it invisible)
    +some nub photoshop skills

    I always liked to come up with various fashion sets,saw this competition so i was like "Why the hell not?".
    (Saw a few good combinations here as well so far i wouldnt have come up with on my own)
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  • isabelitaxdisabelitaxd Posts: 3 Arc User
    Idk put pic here :/
  • gio#4911 gio Posts: 790 Arc User
    xGIOx is a warrior that apreciates the tiny details, in the world of eyrda he enjoys to stare at the sunrise of a newday on high altitude places, it reminds him that there is still light within his own darkness, wishing to shine like the sun but first he should burn like one.

    Glamour shot: "Rise of Sonlight"

    "Mirrors of the soul"


    "Catch the light"

    Headpiece: Sunbath Glasses
    Chest: Night Torn Coat
    Legs: Night Brier Trousers
    Feet: Night Hawk Boots
    Wings: Kindred Wings

    Model: xGIOx
    Server: Illyfue

    'I had a dream that I was one, that became two, that became one again.
    I looked through my dark half's eyes and knew, the hunt must end.
    Now we shall see...what lies at the dream's end.' UrVa, the Archer

  • lordfalklordfalk Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Maybe I can are top model...because I'm different ... :D:D

    Server: Storm
    Name: XReNesme

    A) Fashion combination:
    Fashion handbold >>> Prismatic Wand
    Raider's Cap
    Raider's Top
    Calarmity Jeans
    Mystic's Boots



    B) Fashion combination
    Beach Flower
    Saloon Rufles
    Snow Sprite Pants
    Snow Sprite Higheels


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  • haraisherinharaisherin Posts: 3 Arc User
    It´s not important to have a complete fashion set. You can look fabulous when you create "your own" of various pieces of fashion!

    Model: Haraisherine
    Server: Illyfue

    Calamity cap
    Raider´s top
    Saloon garter
    Saloon heels
    Demonspider wings

  • navarnenavarne Posts: 115 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    When it comes to fashion in Forsaken World I have a very strict policy and I believe RuPaul said it best: "You better work!" The world of Eyrda is my runway and everyone around me is the audience. Whether I am running a raid with guild mates or kicking your butt in Frostgale Fjord, I always look my best. That is why I deserve to be Eyrda's Next Top Model!

    Model: Rhondelyn (with special appearances by GaleForce the Bard)
    Server: Storm

    Glamour shot:

    Rhondelyn is wearing the full Phantom Shroud Set, complimented by Level 4 Candlelit Wings. Level 90 Priest EB weapon shown because priest weapons look better than hand fashion!

    Secondary Photos:

    One of my favourite things to do in Forsaken World is to match fashion with my Alt, GaleForce, even down to the skin tone and hair colour! Rhon and Gale can often be seen strutting around Nightfall wearing fabulous outfits. Here is one of my favourites!

    I have created many complimenting looks. Some have matching sets, while others have I put together myself!

    Another hobby of mine is to create my own art using my character Rhondelyn as the model. Here is one of my favourites, an Andy Warhol pop art style picture!

  • qzpmn2006qzpmn2006 Posts: 35 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    I am DarqueShadow from Storm.
    It was not easy to fight up all those stairs and get to the top but I finally attained the true power I have longed for.

    photo 2016-08-17 21-47-09_zpsnjvnhc1w.png

    Big Bad Wolf Mask
    Big Bad Wolf Claws
    Far East Pants
    Bunny Feet
    Wings of Nobility

    Thinking back on this journey, I once was like a peaceful elf living in the forest. There was only one thing that I hope for - world peace.

    photo 2016-08-17 21-57-10_zpss3y1i2gb.png

    Bunny Ears
    Bunny Suit
    Nice Trousers
    Beastmaster King Shoes
    Wings of Nature

    However in order to survive in Forsaken World, power is everything. Therefore, I crawled through Hell Road and broke through the Forgotten Prison. My soul was sacrificed and sold to the dark side.

    "Think of yourself before all others
    To hell with grace and charity
    They just impede your blind ambition
    They just impede your gluttony"

    photo 2016-08-17 22-05-02_zpstcjfy3x8.png

    Fearless Warrior Headgear
    Fearless Warrior Suit
    Fearless Warrior Pants
    Fearless Warrior Boots
    Demonspider Wings

    Until finally I realized that the true power in the World of Eyrda is your family and friends.
    photo 2015-10-08 01-21-42_zpslhczmjfn.png

    I should be Eyrda's Next Top Model because I deserve it.
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    photo DarqShadQuotePicSmall_zpsdutudbgo.jpg
  • smmxsmmx Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Hi! I'm _Asura__ from Lionheart and I should be the next top model because I would never give you up. I would never let you down. I would never run around and, desert you. Also, Harambe was an inside job.

    My Godlike Glamour Photo:

    Low key rocking:
    Dank Kindred Hair
    Fire af Tank Top
    Epic Masculine Boxers
    Yeezy's nuff said

    If you thought that was amazing, just wait until you see my totally unique secondary photos! :open_mouth:

    Sporting tha dank:
    Harambe Hat
    Night Thorn Coat

    Whoa that was dank af

    BAM another one.
    Modeling the ever so lit:

    Rick Swagley Head-Wrap
    Night Thorn Coat


  • underworldfiendunderworldfiend Posts: 71 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Extricate a blood vampire from the server Illyfue i've tried to bring out the darkness that lies deep inside and the beauty outside that keeps the darkness restrained.

    Glamour shot: Outlaw in the dark abyss


    head:white knight cap
    chest:outlaw fringe
    pants:courtship pants
    boots:mystery boots
    offhand:inferno kourbash

    Guardian of the asylum of dream

    head:wintry disciples formal cap
    chest:wintry disciples formal shirt
    pants:courtship pants
    boots: white knight boots

    Luminary among the stars

    full luminary set except devil acolyte pants
  • underworldfiendunderworldfiend Posts: 71 Arc User
    i tried to make the images show but its not working and i dont want to edit it further cause its past the submission time. hope links are enough

  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    Annnd submissions are officially closed! Time to pick out finalists...
  • thenamesdominothenamesdomino Posts: 1,679 Arc User
    @pinkette1#7450 Because yours is the only Shylia entry in this list, and there are other Shylia entries in the French server forums, a copy of your entry has been given to gwaera, the EU CM. So you will be voted on by your peers over in the FR Forum.
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