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Fashion Week! Eyrda's Next Top Model



  • divineaurorasdivineauroras Posts: 138 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    My Glamour Photo:

    Extra Photo:

    I should be the next Top Model so that I can rub it in the faces of everyone who values fashion more than me. I regularly trash fashion even when I have the bag space for it. I would love to be considered the next Top Model for Forsaken World because my fashion wardrobe truly lives up to the name and spirit of this game (being forsaken!).

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    DivineSpirits (Fire/Ice Mage), DivineAuror (Divine Priest), SirFanion (Elemental Warrior); Allied with Rhondelyn and DarqueShadow
  • tehpeachtehpeach Posts: 66 Arc User
    Here is to all those Fierce, Fabulous, and Fourty Plus ladies out there. We show how to play Forsaken World and look good doing it. It's more than just a great set of armour these days. It is about mixing and matching those fashions and not being afraid to let a fashion set name rule your world. Have fabulous shoes? Great!! Find a dress to go with it. Does the name match? Heck no and it doesn't have to. Be brave amd go with your heart. You don't have to have a huge wallet to have huge style!

    Model: PeachyKisses
    Server: Storm Legion
    Main Submission
    imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic" alt="" />
    Secondary Photos
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Hair:Sky Dancer Coif
    Dress: Oriental Dress (Dyed a teal color)
    Pants: Bride's Garters
    Shoes: Sky Dancer Boots
    Handheld: Prismatic Wand
    Wings: Wings Of Nobility Lvl 3

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Hair:Moonscar Hat
    Dress Panties Shoes: Lunarfly
    Wings: Skysward
    Handheld: Prismatic Wand

    Thank you for your consideration. *Huggles* to all the loves!! You know who you are. Love you Storm server!!
  • otakudes97otakudes97 Posts: 6 Arc User
    Model: xXMereDeathxX
    Server:East Eyrda

    Pink Dream Hair
    Oriental Dress
    Oriental Bottoms
    White Charm Boots
    Prismatic Wand



  • amarantosamarantos Posts: 3,063 Arc User
    edited August 2016

    When you guys vote on the winner, you will be looking at the primary glamour photos only when making a decision. :)

    having us vote on things is a very dangerous game......
  • feida88#6199 feida88 Posts: 247 Arc User
    I am glad many people is participating on this event, but, seems there's as little bit discompensation, many Illyfues, not many from rest of servers, and Iam sad that we will be voting, because comes to play the frind-enemies element and the alt elements, anyone with many accounts can sel-vote, and many ppl can vote whoever they like "ingame" most instead of the captions they like the most. =( so I agree with @amarantos

    "You were just a figment of my overactive Imagination".
  • nickvvnickvv Posts: 340 Arc User
    Fanion will be elected in the top 10 because not enough entries from his server, i hope he wins the vote xD
  • pinkette1#7450 pinkette1 Posts: 344 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    im sexy and i know it :smile: BalthazarFeu, server shylia

    Hebergeur d'image

    head : beast mster king style
    chest : feast of ice and fire suit
    pants : devil acolyte pants
    shoes : devil acolyte shoes
    Hebergeur d'image
  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    i agree with @amarantos and @muralasa89 this will be wont be fair voting

    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • xdkdavexdkdave Posts: 8 Arc User
    Kindred edge sin-Storm server

    I think I should win this contest because I'm the sexiest sin alive across all server I mean come on I'm finger licking goodness you can help but to lick all of your fingers when you see me

    1st,water geiser-fresh cap playboy suspenders and fresh sneakers.

    2nd green tree-shinobi fukumen head popstar top and pants fresh sneakers

    3rd sun setting. Full Fallen Plume Male Fashion

    4th.Full Devil Acolyte Hood

    CriticalTampon-90 Edge/Dark sin
    DieByBlueBalls-90 Wind Reaper
    DarkAchillies-90 Blood Warrior
    KeiKeiGenKai-85 Divine elf Priest
  • jespervestman12jespervestman12 Posts: 93 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Model: iLikeBigGuns
    Server: Illyfue

    Eyrda is a big world for a small marksman; we have a hard time standing out in the crowd! To be Eyrda's next top model, I'm going to show you that I'm short, sweet, and pack a lot of firepower everywhere I go. You're going to notice me for sure.

    Looking glamorous while fighting against a grumpy Balerion!

    Lunarfly Head
    Lunarfly Shirt
    Lunarfly Pants
    Sky Dancer Boots
    Human level 2 wings

    Runway modelling can include MMs too!

    Pinkfox Ears
    Ms. Santa's Skirt
    Ms. Santa's Bottoms
    Courtesan Stockings
    Kindred level 4 wings

    And after all that modelling I really need a good vacation!

    Chromafate Circlet
    Chromafate Shirt
    Chromafate Stockings
    Chromafate Shoes
    Human level 4 wings

    Lastly, credit to the man who taught me everything I know. (MM tutor)

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  • harukonakajimaharukonakajima Posts: 9 Arc User
    Fashion makes me feel like I can be whoever I want for a while, that's why I love it. If you use your imagination, you can even fly! :)

    HarukoNakajima / Illyfue

    Phoenix Dance Crown
    Sky Dancer Gown
    Sky Dancer Bottoms
    Sky Dancer Boots
    Rose handhold

  • pain4deathpain4death Posts: 4 Arc User
    Model Sirepata from Nyos is addicted to Fashion and dyes.
    Becoming Eyrda’s Next Top Model is her biggest dream.
    Spending most of her time collecting various fashions she's always open to help others with some style advice.

    Glamour photo:
    Head: Paradise Style
    Chest: Dark Thorn Coat
    Legs: Dark Brier Trousers
    Feet: Fallen Quill Boots
    Wings: Demonspider Wings

    Secondary photos:
    Head: Shelly's Hat
    Chest: Darkness' Embrace
    Legs: Bride's Garters
    Feet: Bride's Heels
    Wings: Demonspider Wings

    Head: Paradise Style
    Chest: Calamity Corset
    Legs: Calamity Jeans
    Feet: Calamity Spurs
    Wings: Illusory Wings

    Head: Honor of Ice and Fire Headwear
    Chest: Chromafate Shirt
    Legs: Chromafate Stockings
    Feet: Chromafate Shoes
    Wings: Wings of Nature

    Sirepata - Nyos
    Dark/Blood Vampire
  • misstressraevinmisstressraevin Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    ** To be sexy is the key! However it comes from friendlyness as well as honesty and devotion :)**


    Full Ninty Five Gear No helm cuz I like my hair :)

    Model :VampresAurelie

    Server: Storm


    Phantom shroud Jacket

    Phantom Shroud Boots

    Floral Bug Draws

    Bad Kitteh Hand Held

    Once again no hood cuz I like mah hair

    Model : VampresAurelie

    Server : Storm


    Model :VampresAurelie

    Server: Storm

    Chromafate Dress

    Chromafate Stockings

    Chromafate Shoes

    Demon wings Fashion Lvl 3

    Once again No hair because why? I like mine :p
  • sedativexsedativex Posts: 148 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Model: Gothica_Hun | Server: Illyfue


    Fashion Head: Sky Dancer Coif
    Fashion Chest: Tribal Bindings
    Fashion Legs: Forsaken Anniversary II Shorts
    Fashion Feet: Ivory Heels


    Fashion Head: Stormchaser Googles
    Fashion Chest: Tribal Bindings
    Fashion Legs: Sky Dancer Bottoms
    Fashion Feet: Forsaken Anniversary II Wedges

    SEDATIVE_Mage | Soul_Savior | Hunicum | Illyfue
  • bailey2001bailey2001 Posts: 3 Arc User
    Main Shot:

    photo Fashion Week 1_zpsbfybvsam.png

    Phantom Shroud Hood
    Phantom Shroud Coat
    Twilight Grace Pants
    Pink Dream Boots

    photo Fashion Week 2_zpsuoqodjhl.png">

    FW Grand Commemorative Hat
    Dark Thorn Coat
    Paradise Panties
    Moon Scar Shoes

    photo Fashion Week 3_zpsubdfehbd.png">

    Sexy Bunny
    Playbow Top
    Sunflare Heels

    photo Fashion Week 4_zpse8evdpav.png">

    Pink Dream Hairstyle
    Courtesan Bodice
    Courtesan Petticoat
    Pinkfox Boots

    Editing: Gimp
    Server: Eyrda
    Character: Fruitfall
  • mavip4nmavip4n Posts: 151 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Model: MuseSinger
    Server: Lionheart

    Main Shot:
    ~Beauty of the bard!~

    Hair: Lunarfly Headgear
    Chest: Sorceress Dress
    Legs: Sorceress Leggins
    Feet: Sorceress Heels
    Hand: Hero 5 Bard Weapon (I know it's not fashion but it seem on pic and compeleting my action, so i wanted to mention it)
    Wings: Skysward

    ~Saaail!~ "Cute little crew ready to sail for new adventures!"

    Hair: Raider's Cap
    Chest: Raider's Top
    Legs: Kunoichi Kobakama
    Feet: Sunflare Heels
    Wings: Demonspider Wings (Demon Racial Wings)

    ~Playing with dark magic!~

    Hair: Oriental Hood (Dyeable)
    Chest: Phantom Shroud Coat
    Legs: FW Grand Commemorative Pants (This year's Anniversary Pants)
    Feet: Pink Dream Boots
    Handhold: Bad Kitty
    Wings: Bloodshade Wings (Kindred Racial Wings)
    Tiny wind bard of Ascension and an innocent glacial priest of Starlight in Lionheart.
    Has stopped playing as of summer 2019. Since there are not many good people left (only douchy groups mostly, no offence!) and game is itself grindy more than ever. There is nothing left for a soloer. Good luck to the rest of survivors!
  • alariaureaarnithalariaureaarnith Posts: 9 Arc User
    Are we allowed to enter more than 1 character? Someone from LH posted two of their characters - I have another I'd like to enter if that's allowed :#

  • In all honest, being the top model isn't what interested me. It's the chance to have a whole piece of fashion :wink:. Anyone who knows me knows I love fashion.
    Model: Sierope
    Server: Lionheart
    Special Guest Stars: Seirope (JR) and Merashia

    My Glamour picture
    photo 2016-04-12 12-02-06_zpsksjyabc4.jpg

    photo 2016-03-25 12-21-22_zpsag9jfy6z.jpg

    photo 2016-08-15 10-27-41_zpsaem3zsux.jpg

    photo 2016-08-15 09-11-07_zpsav4qtzzz.jpg
  • isfolket80isfolket80 Posts: 222 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Model: oOSheDevilOo on Illyfue
    Princess from the north
    Elegant and graceful
    fun and loving
    She got big hopes and big dreams in life
    She really want to be the next top model
    Because she think got a great fashion taste!


    Fashion : Sentimental Flower Circlet
    Dark Torn Coat
    Chromafate Stockings
    Lady of Night Thigh Boots
    Wings : Tormentor
    Hand held : Sunflower


    Fashion: Paradise Style
    Phantom Shirt
    Fallen Quill Stoking
    Fallen Quill Boots
    Wings : Tormentor
    Hand held : Sunflower (not visible)


    Fashion : Paradise Style
    Chromafate Shirt
    Dark Brier Trousers
    Paradise Heals
    Wings: Candlelit
    Hand held : Glacial Heart (not visible)


    Fashion : FW Grand Commemorativ Hat
    Exalted Eminence Dress
    Exalted Eminence Thigh Boots
    Wings : Human
    Hand held : Sunflower (not visible)

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    <3 Cuitepie <TyOhni's Wife> <3
    Illyfue- Fairytail

  • natrilonatrilo Posts: 11 Arc User
    Lonatri loves to mix different outfits. If all pieces are from different sets its even better! She also knows that a good outfit isnt enough to be a top model. A good model needs to make the best out of any situation. Wether its cold or warm, inside or outside.
    Model: Lonatri from Illyfue
    Main Glamour Photo:
    photo 2016-08-16 16-15-51.png
    Head: Prismatic Hat
    Chest: Calamity Corset
    Legs: FW Grand Commemorative Pants
    Feet: Pinkfox Boots
    Wings: Skysward lv3

    Secondary Photoes:
    photo 2016-08-16 16-31-11.png
    Head: FW Grand Commemorative Hat
    Chest: Phantom's Shirt
    Legs: Bloodnight Straps
    Feet: Darkness Heels
    Wings: Demonspider lv2

    photo 2016-08-16 17-10-27.png
    Head: Phantom Shroud Hood
    Chest: Phantom Shroud Coat
    Legs: Twilight Grace Pants
    Feet: Twilight Grace Boots
    Wings: Bloodshade lv3

    photo 2016-08-16 16-50-20.png
    Head: Shelly's Hat
    Chest: Chromafate Shirt
    Legs: Bride's Garters
    Feet: Sky Dancer Boots
    Wings: Wings of Nobility lv3
  • rhissarhissa Posts: 3 Arc User
    Aldybaran - Storm
    Aldy enjoys dressing the part, whether it is slaying dragons or helping friends. I would find it an honor to be an inspiration to others by being the Forsaken World Top Model. Thank you for your consideration. photo 2016-08-11 18-35-51_zpsbydi0b29.png
    I am wearing my glamour/power suit:
    Silverjoy Hat
    DragonStar Coat
    Raver Chaps
    Red Boots
    Elf Wings
    photo 2016-08-11 18-58-02_zpsozgxjbqy.png
    Scarlet Lotus Sweep Hair
    Divine Lord Suit
    Prefect Slacks
    Blinding Radiance Shoes
    Human Wings
    photo 2016-08-11 19-06-26_zpsvfolbocn.png
    Courtship Stetson
    Enthusiasm's Coat
    Fearless Warrior Pants
    Blinding Radiance Shoes
    Skysward Wings
  • rsydakotarsydakota Posts: 553 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Hallo I am luna from Eyrdan. I am a little bit of a Fashion Fanatatic at heart both irl and in-game xD I love taking pieces and mixing them up for my own looks. I would love to show my passion for fashion and hope that others may enjoy some of the looks I have here :D

    This is my favorite by far, I had been dying to get this set and absolutely thrilled now that I have it :D

    Paradise Style
    Dark Thorn Coat
    Dark Briar Trousers
    Dark Hawk Boots
    Rose Wings

    This is my "PvP Set." I always wear this in 12s or any other pvp event partially because it is the set I had id'ed for and chose :open_mouth: I like to wear this with of 3 wings usually, the Rose Wings, Wings of Nobility or Bloodshade Wings.

    Fearless Warrioress Headwrap (Dyed Black)
    Courtesan Bodice
    Bunny Maid pants
    Bunny maid Shoes
    No handheld but the weapon :3
    Bloodshade Wings (looks great on a Hadlick ;) )

    One of my other favorites is:

    Paradise Style
    Lunarfly Shirt
    Lunarfly Dress
    Lunarfly Boots
    Rose Wings (also looks great with Wings of Nobility and Wings of Nature :D

    One for my everyday wear...

    Calamity Cap
    Coutesan Bodice
    FW Grand Commemorative Pants
    FW Grand Commemorative Boots
    Rose Wings

    I have many, many more looks I would like to share, I hope you enjoyed it :D

    See you guys in-game <3<3<3

    Fairy tales are more than true:
    Not because they tell us dragons exist,
    but because they tell us dragons can be beaten.
    ~G.K. Chesterton~
    Eyrdan Glacial Priest
  • kaiserblazerkaiserblazer Posts: 40 Arc User
    Intro video (not part of the entry, just for fun):


    Head: Feast of Ice and Fire Headwear
    Chest: Luminary Shirt
    Pants: Enthusiasim's Trousers
    Boots: Devil Acolyte Boots
    Wings: Bloodshade Wings
  • vilikrie1vilikrie1 Posts: 40 Arc User

    Model: Aosoth_
    Server: Illyfue

    She's not OP, she's not well known.....she's just a little demon, born on the wrong side of the Abyss.
    She plays her part in the fight against the Storm Legion....

    support pic #1: The War Effort
    imageimage" alt="" />

    When she's not battling evil, she can often be found relaxing at the beach....

    support pic #2: Relaxing At The Beach
    imageimage" alt="" />

    In true contest tradition, her greatest wish is that together we can be victorious and achieve World Peace so that she can finally visit the fabled city of Freedom Harbour....

    support pic #3: Wish For Peace
    imageimage" alt="" />

    But today she gets the chance to have a little fun strutting her stuff for the Forsaken World Judges.....

    Main Pic: Strutting For The Judges
    imageimage" alt="" />

    Model was wearing....

    support pic#1: The War Effort
    Fashion: Demon Armour
    Handheld: Demon Weapon
    Wings: Demonslayer Wings-not visible

    support pic #2: Relaxing At The Beach
    Head: Sunbath Hairstyle
    Chest: Sunbath Top
    Legs: Sunflare Skirt
    Feet: Sunbath Sandals
    Handheld: Bear Popsicle
    Wings: Wings Of Nature

    support pic #3: Wish For Peace
    Fashion: Chromafate-full set
    Handheld: Prismatic Wand-not visible
    Wings: Skysward Wings

    Main pic: Strutting For The Judges
    Fashion: Dark Thorn-full set
    Handheld: Bad Kitty
    Wings: Demonspider Wings

  • banaitjaxbanaitjax Posts: 9 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Orgelmir, the twirly warrior, is the elegant idle of the Eyrda and his twiliness certainly deserves the title of Eyrda's Next Top Model.
    Glamour Photo:

    Night Rose Circlet
    Breezy Noble Coat
    Breezy Noble Trousers
    Breezy Noble Boots
    Wings of Nature, Lv3

    Supplementary Photo:

    Feast of Ice and Fire Headwear
    Night Thorn Coat
    Rage Attack Leather Trousers
    Fallen Plume Boots

    Sigeweard the Moon Eater
    Orgelmir the Elemental/Aegis Warrior
  • dennenappeldennenappel Posts: 133 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    Hey everyone, I'm Erzannah and I'm a shopaholic!
    I've loved fashion in Forsaken World since the very beginning, and gathered a lot of sets in this time. I love to make screenshots of them and know the most beautiful spots in the game to shoot them (I hope we get the locked maps back soon!). So I think my char is the best model, because she can wear any fashion in any circumstance and look amazing!

    Fashion: dyed Bridal Gown, Moon scar hat, Rose handhold

    Fashion: Sunbath Skirt, Bright bikini, Sunflare Heels, Bright Sun hat, Suri handhold

    Fashion: Pink Dream dress, Moon Scar hat, Pink Dream boots, Wings of nobility, Rose handhold, Unicorn princess pet

    Fashion: Pink Dream dress, Sexy bunny hat, Pink dream boots, Prismatic wand handhold
    Mount: Arion

    Fashion: Dark thorn coat, Forsaken anniversary hair, Priest lv95 champion weapon

    ~ Erzannah, Nyos server

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    Erzannah ~ lv100 divine priest (Nyos)
    member since 08/16/2011
  • celaerielcelaeriel Posts: 7 Arc User
    Name: Celaeriel
    Server: Lionheart

    Celaeriel lives for fashion - not only are her looks planned to perfection, but rigorous raids and ERCs keep her fit and glowing in all her favorite outfits. Her dedication to fashion, beauty, but also strength prove that she's easily the best contender for Eyrda's Next Top Model and the best model from every angle!

    Glamour Photo:

    Butterfly Head
    Lunarfly Shirt
    Lunarfly Dress
    Lunarfly Boots
    Eyrdan Beauty
    Wings of Nobility

    Butterfly Head
    Lunarfly Shirt
    Lunarfly Dress
    Lunarfly Boots
    Eyrdan Beauty
    Wings of Nobility

    Butterfly Head
    Delicate Dress
    Lunarfly Dress
    Lunarfly Boots
    Eyrdan Beauty
    Candlelit Wings

    Paradise Style
    Rosecat Top
    Lunarfly Dress
    Bride's Heels
    Eyrdan Beauty
    Candlelit Wings

  • faster49faster49 Posts: 20 Arc User
    edited August 2016
    I am xLorelliex from Lionheart Server
    I'm fairly new to the fashion world and, creative or not, I enjoy mixing and matching most.

    I like to look like a beauty while being a beast

    Glamour shot

    Both pics
    Phoenix Dance Crown
    Summer Brandy Long Skirt
    Phantom's Pants
    Beast Master Queen Shoes
    Wings of the Forge Lvl 3
    Glacier Staff Weapon

    Just having fun during downtime

    Calamity Cap
    Bright Bikini
    FW Grand Commemorative Pants
    FW Grand Commemorative Boots
    Suri Handheld
    Wings of Nobility

    Calamity Cap
    Bright Bikini
    FW Grand Commemorative Pants
    FW Grand Commemorative Boots
    Suri Handheld
    Titan's Wings

    And looking good for my hunny

    Chromafate Circlet
    Honor of Ice and Fire Suit
    Saloon Garter
    Beastmaster Queen Shoes
    Eyrdan Beauty
    Wings of Nobility
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